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Things I saw at the County Fair

By August 12, 20098 Comments

Our boys rode their first mechanical bull:

We rode the ferris wheel. Apparently the teenagers behind us on the ferris wheel thought it was a great “opportunity to make out”. My soon-to-be-sister-in-law put it nicely when she said…. “they were eating each other”. I had to do “damage control” with my poor boys. I think they were traumatized.

One of my boys stepped in horse doodie….. and then my brother tried to give him a piggy back ride. So, I got a picture just as my brother got the yuck on his hands. Poor brother, he was just trying to be a good uncle!

And then…. Ava grabbed a piece of rabbit poop! Where is the hand sanitizer?????

And finally…. I saw this t-shirt.

Really? Are you serious? Will someone clue this boy in that it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY he will pick up any chicks wearing this . Did his parents really let him out of the house with it on????

Poop and tshirts aside…. I still love the fair.

Many blessings,


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