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Kindergarten…. my emotional roller coaster

By August 17, 200921 Comments

I tucked Easton in last night UNDER his covers. But he has never been a fan of making his bed in the morning. On occasion he will make his bed after I leave his room at night and sleep on TOP of the covers….with his head at the foot of the bed. It’s adorable. (me: I hope he got enough sleep)

Stretching…. trying to wake up. (me: I’ve been up since 5:30 with horribly loud rain and just being anxious about our big day )

Today is your big day buddy… (me: Oh Lord please let him love school. And let there be no bullies. And please keep him safe. Did I teach him enough? Did we pray enough? and on and on and on until I want to throw up…..)

“Mom I’m almost ready to go!” (me: relax buddy… we have plenty of time. why is hurrying so much? dude…. it’s not a race to get out of here! won’t he miss me?)

“Bye Mom”.


  • Are you sure you want to ride the bus?
  • What if the bus driver drives erratically?
  • What if the people around the bus drive erratically?
  • What if I drive erratically trying to catch up to the bus?
  • What if the rain makes for hazardous driving conditions?
  • What if I am putting him on the wrong bus?
  • What is the bus driver is crazy?
  • What if someone really DOES call him “freckle face” (his biggest concern)
  • etc., etc. with other crazy thoughts)

“Mom… seriously…. more pictures?? ” (me… just one more buddy)

A little posing with Dad (me….this rain is killing my photos).

A little posing with a soggy Mom! (me: and it’s also killing my hair and makeup)

The door holder said “boy he is ready to go!” (me: seriously… it’s like he can’t wait to get away from us!)

“Good morning Mr. Lewis (the principal). (me in a proud moment: that a boy… that’s good manners to shake his hand!!!)

Walking straight to his room…. no mind to us barely keeping up behind him (me: numbly following with no thoughts… just hard to believe this day is here).

“Look Mrs. McIntyre…. a ‘teacher bucket’ “. (me: we all know its a brown nosing bucket. See the post here)

“Of course I can write my name on top.” (me: of course he can… he is a genius!!!)

“More pictures????” (me: ok….I really need to cut the cord here)

********** End of the Day**********

“Ava…. where is Easton? Where is the bus?” (me: her outfit sure is cute. I wish I looked that good in skinny jeans. and where is the bus? is the bus late? reverting back to concerns when he got on the bus this morning.)

He is home. (me: oh thank God he is alive!)

Big brother runs out to meet him (only kindergartners went today). (me: they better not fight the rest of the day!!!).

“Hello baby sister!!” (ahhhhh…. he is happy to see us!)

Mom is proud. He loved it.

I survived.

Many blessings,


  • Oh, too funny, but so real….we’ve all been there. Please let them love school, but REALLY want to come home, too!!! Cute kids and cute mom…it is hard to let go, but it’s gonna be good!


  • KC Mom says:

    That is the best first day post I’ve seen! It’s so hard sending our babies out in the world. It feels like we’re feeding them to the wolves! It’s also amazing how great it feels when we see them come home alright.
    Btw…you look rockin…nice tan!! And what I wouldn’t give for your hair!!

  • Kelly says:

    I had a Kindergartener start school yesterday as well! They grow up so fast. I am glad that he had a good first day.

  • Jo says:

    The other night I looked at when my dtr went off to kindergarten – she starts college full time next week – they wouldn’t let Mom’s go past a certain point I guess so if there was any boo hooing it wasn’t in the classroom. I remember being so sad seeing her walk down that hall – esp when she never looked back – then I knew it was right for her…but soooo hard for me…Jo

  • Xina says:

    *tears* It’s kinda hard to go thru such a good post with tears in your eyes! My kids are a little older and I was HAPPY to have them go back to school this year, but you made me re-live it all again! Bless your heart….this soon shall pass.

  • MOMSWEB says:

    My heart is racing because as I read each word, I am feeling the same emotions and having the same thoughts. Here is the funny part…my baby is going to high school; this is his first public school experience. Do you think I can follow him and take pictures like you did? LOL! I sure want to!

    By the way, I’m waiting for my sister(artist) to get back with me about the numbers.

  • Annie says:

    Oh dear … crying all over my keyboard. 😉 My little man begins FIFTH GRADE this year and will be upstairs at his school now. I can’t even believe that he’s not that beautiful little kindergartener anymore…
    BTW, if that’s what a soggy Mom looks like — SIGN ME UP!

  • Lou Cinda says:

    I loved this post! Brings back SUCH memories! Though I still cry when Cameron now drives his own car away from me and to school!! I can remember the first day of school when he was 5. I was really brave until I was leaving him there. I was practically running to my car because I didn’t want everyone to see me have a complete come apart! When I got to the car I put my head on the steering wheel and cried like a baby.

    The “letting go” part has not gotten any easier for me! I’m stil hanging on …

    Lou Cinda 🙂

  • Chris says:

    So glad it went well, my oldest was like that too , “bye mom” no hesitation and she was off , no looking back .
    But at the end of the day there was me waiting at the bus stop with a baby in a stroller and waiting , waiting , bus driver closes the door and drives off , “where is my kid, OMG , wait !” scariest moment , turns out she was still on the bus , no one knew she was there , she was too quiet to say anything , poor kid , my neigbours tracked her down as I was stuck carless and frantic, she NEVER wanted to talk about it , and everything went well from then on , her an her new school appointed bus buddy , turns out they don’t like misplacing 4 year olds either. Awful memory.
    Looking forward to the first day of school here , oh why is summer sooo long…

  • Natalie says:

    Fantastic post! So glad things went well.
    I’m feeling your Kindergarten pain! 🙂

  • Frosty says:

    First and foremost…you look FANTASTIC! You would never know you were frantic inside. I’m so glad he had a wonderful first day.

  • Terri says:

    He looks like such a big boy!!! My baby is starting 1st grade in a week. Last year his big brother started middle school… it was actually harder for me to drop him off at middle school, than to have my baby start kindergarten! Just think… before you know it Ava will be starting k… it just all goes way too fast, doesn’t it? Blessings!

  • Shauna says:

    I can not comment because I am bawling my eyes out right now! What an adorable post! He is adorable…your adorable….and I can not believe our babies are growing up so fast.

  • Oh, that brings back memories… our grade school held a tea for tissues for kindergarten parents….

    you know, they saaaaaaaay, by #2, and #3, you kiss kiss, hug hug, have a great day, bye bye, and then whoo hooo! was it easier, you think, having already gone through this once? Ava, I’d say, will be the toughest……

    I’m glad hes off to a great start – you are a wonderful mom, he’s GOTTA be a great kid! And, yes, Ava looks adorable!

  • Painter Mommy says:

    What a great post! You totally remind me of me. That is exactly what I do with the breakdown of pictures during a major event. It feels so good to blog about it. I do the same thing when one of my kids starts school for the first time.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I totally felt like I was there with you.

    Happy to hear that you survived!


  • Beth says:

    Awwww. My guy is supposed to be starting kindergarten this year but we decided to hold him back (also read—mom can’t handle it, he’s a summer b-day, what could one more year hurt?) I know I’ll be a mess when he finally does have to go. So glad your little guy endured and loved it even!

  • BJ_Mama says:

    WOW! I have a few more years until I have to brave this…although, in the grocery store the other day, our staff minister mentioned that he’d be sending us something for 3yo preschool next year…..AHHH! She just turned 2!

  • Pamela says:

    You brought tears to my eyes! How ca I hold them in on Monday when my baby starts kindergarten after I read posts like this one!? They survive and we survive but it is sooo hard.

  • Girly Stuff says:

    That is like the best first day ever!

    I’m going to do that when they get there first job! Still there with my camera and worries.

    Will his boss like him?
    Was the boss bucket too over-the-top?
    Is he wearing clean underwear in case he is in an accident on the way to work?
    Will he know how to work the copier?

    It never ends for us moms!

  • You look gorgeous. I too was the mom that followed the bus (in my car) to school! I have felt everything you have…..and felt the same when I had to leave them at college. One left at home and holding on to her tight. Try to enjoy these moments and always remember, you would rather have trouble cutting the cord then not giving it a second thought. Kudos to you…you made it through the day.

  • Mesha says:

    …u’r one HOTT mama!!! 🙂 this cracks me up – so, um…did you follow the bus to school? b/c that’s hilarious! 🙂 i can’t wait to be a mom one day! 🙂

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