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The Tallest Ceiling Ever …. Revealed

By August 12, 20098 Comments

Yesterday I did this post on the tallest ceiling we’ve ever done which peaked at an estimated 28 feet! Today…. I went to break down the scaffold and take my “after shots”. The young man from the scaffolding company completely redeemed himself by helping me tear down all of the scaffold and loading it up all himself. Two thumbs up to that guy!

This ceiling was previously popcorn texture. My client hired someone to come in and scrape the texture. Then we oil primed it and did 2 coats of Sandstone from Faux Effects and glazed it. The client asked Jeri to darken all of the crevices and shade the tip of the ceiling to bring the ceiling down some and to accentuate the architectural detail of the ceiling.

Let me preface my pictures by saying….. they stink. I am so disappointed in my photos. But, you’re all creative people. I’m posting them anyway and hoping you believe me that it is STUNNING in real life. Perhaps I should have turned off the chandelier and/or my flash.

The ceiling is not as bright as this photos looks. The shading is actually very soft in real life.


Nor is it as dark as it looks in this photo. Darn the camera luck!

I did take a picture of the outside of the client’s house so that you can visualize the ceiling we were doing. It is the “castle looking” peaked section of the home… right in the entryway.

I am relieved this job is done.

In family news…. summer is almost over. I am so sad to see it go.

I have a son starting kindergarden next week. Bear with me as I navigate the emotional roller coaster of this guy going to school.

And Ava learned she likes nacho cheese.

And wearing swim diapers on her head (in public).

She has her own style going.

Many blessings,


  • Wow, that’s a TALL ceiling…….I hope they paid you well….I don’t think I could do that!!! Good luck on your upcoming week. I can remember the first day of kindergarten!!!
    Mine starts her Senior year! ;-0


  • Girly Stuff says:

    Her house is very cool. And now even cooler after your treatment!

    It is hard watching the kids grow-up. Yours are cuties!

  • Chris says:

    How old are kids when they start kindergarten in the sates ?? our kids start at 4 into Jr Kindergarten , you little guy seems much older than that , am I wrong?
    Just beachy

  • Amber says:

    I’m with you on that emotional rollercoaster! Darcy starts monday! Ceiling turned out great!

  • Shauna says:

    lets stop talking about kindergarten…..i am going to be a mess. it makes me miss you looking at your blog. the ava pictures are hilarious.

  • wow school already? nooooooooo… we (Michigan)dont head back until 9/8!

    As usual, I love that little Ava of yours, and of course your massive ceiling as well…

  • beautiful job on that ceiling! I feel the same way about the summer ending. My youngest is starting kindergarten and it’s the first time I’ll be alone in 13 years. I’m so sad! So I got a puppy that follows me around all day!

  • Mesha says:

    HAHHAHAHAHAA….those pics are HILARIOUS!!! yea, so that ceiling totally rocks girl!

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