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So, I am running again. I took several weeks off after my first half marathon but am back in the saddle and in training again.

My church, The Rock of KC, is encouraging people to run in the Kansas City Marathon in October. We are running to bring attention to an organization that my church supports called For the Silent.

For the Silent is an amazing non-profit organization who helps to support the 1.2 million children who are brought into sex trafficing each year. Human trafficking is the 2nd most profitable crime in the world and last year accounted for $32 Billion in “profit”. That is more than McDonalds, Nike and Google made combined!!!! Isn’t that just a tummy turner??? Did you see the movie “Taken”? Chilling.

If you have any desire to donate to a great organization like “For the Silent”….I have a friend who set up an easy way to donate by going HERE. Bless you for even considering.


Back to my race. The KC Marathon has a full marathon, a half, a full relay and a 5K. I am running in the full marathon on a relay team of 5 super women and can’t wait!!!

Since I know many people who are running for the first time…. and since I have 2 adorable friends who are running their first half marathon in San Fransisco this weekend, I thought I would do one more blog post on running….hitting on the physical things that I discovered. I will restate that I am not even close to an expert, but I can tell you what I learned and what worked for me.


Race day necessities for me:

I eat a spaghetti dinner the night before every race.

My race day breakfast is coffee and 2 slices of peanut butter toast with a sliced banana on top. Apparently this was one of Elvis’s favorite snacks…. who knew?

You need a good bra. You get what you pay for! Invest in the breasts ladies!

Chapstick!! My lips get so dry! I will take lipstick with me the next time. Call it vanity. I call it being ready for pictures at the end. =)

Sunglasses. I had to try out several pairs before I got comfortable in one pair that neither slid down my face nor fogged over.

I take a handkerchief on every run. Is that weird? Apparently I am the only person alive who has to blow her nose when she runs.

I run with my cell phone always. I usually stick it down in my sports bra. I text while I run… I multi-task like that! During my half marathon, I would whip my cell phone out of my chest and snap shots or text my hubby. It was hilarious! Clearly, the die-hard runners do NOT do that.

run(cell phone picture at start of the race)

Gum. I have gotten used to having it. It helps my mouth from drying out.

My training was in the winter and spring, so I did not run with water until my runs were over 7 miles long. Then, I set a water bottle out on my course so that I could grab a swig and go. During these hot summer months tho, you pretty much have to have water on you. I ran a 4 mile course last weekend and got terribly sick from dehydration or heat exhaustion. I ran out of water after mile 3 and I think it really affected me.

I ran my half marathon in running capris. I know some women love running shorts. But my legs don’t look like a Victoria’s Secrets model…. and it was still cool out, so I wore capris. Right now it is too hot for capris…so I wear shorts. There is always a fine line with shorts between what is comfortable/what is cool enough in this hot weather? If you find you have problems with chafing/rubbing…. invest in some runner’s “Body Glide”. I have not used it, but they say it’s like Vaseline without the grease.

I got an MP3 player for Christmas last year. It changed my running life. I had no idea music could make pain so much more bearable. And I only put songs on it that I really love. I did have it with me the day of the half marathon, but they frown upon you wearing them and I didn’t even want it. I enjoyed talking to the runners around me.

I got an imitation GARMIN last year for Christmas. I can’t understand a setting on that stinkin’ thing. I may list it on EBAY. It’s never been used. I use my cheap Target stopwatch every time I run. Remember that line in Shrek…. “That’ll do Donkey. That’ll do.”


Things that could happen to you while running longer distances but I hope do not:

Twice in my life I have felt a little bamboozled by what has happened to me physically. Once when I had my first baby. I took all the classes and read all the books, blah, blah, blah. But no one told me how my body would fall apart.

The other time I felt bamboozled was when I was training for my half marathon. So, I’m going to tell you the things that happened to me while training that may happen to you. That way you don’t feel railroaded like I did.

I did have issues with shin splints during my training. However, I took my shoes in to the running store and they convinced me I needed new ones (even tho’ the old ones were only a year old) and they explained to me that if you run on the street (which I do), one leg is usually lower and running by the curb. I bought new shoes and changed sides of the street on occasion and never had shin splints again.

I started to get blisters after my training got to 7 miles. It was my socks. You need socks that allow your feet to breathe. I just bought what the running store told me and I never had blisters again. Best $8 I ever spent.

Did you know you can get hemorrhoids when you start to run longer distances? Yeah, I didn’t either. Ain’t that about a bummer!!! ‘Nuf said. NO ONE TOLD ME THIS STUFF!

You may be hoping to drop a few pounds while in training. Logic would tell me that if I run 138 miles in 12 weeks I will loose weight. Nope….I gained 2 pounds in training. GGGGRRRRRRR….I hate to burst your bubble, but did want to tell you what happened to me.

I did have a knee start to bother me during the end of my training. Ibuprofen, Bio-Freeze, ice and rest all helped. I was icing my knees the night before the race. In the words of my friend Becky who was quoting Jillian Michaels…”your tell your body what to do…it doesn’t tell you”.

run-1(icing my knees the night before my race)

I did have one run in my training that they calling “bonking”….essentially you try to run and you feel as if you have never run before in your life. I wanted to die it was so miserable. I bonked on a short 4 mile run. I’ve heard this is totally normal and the best way to handle it is to get back on the horse the next day! It’s a mental challenge that you’ll just have to get past.

You can loose toenails….you are gonna have to keep them short if you are running a lot. Thank goodness this didn’t happen to me, but it happens to many a runner.

As you get closer to your race day, it seems like your mind will begin to play tricks on you. Is that an ache? What if I trip and fall? Do I feel a cold coming on? That sort of thing. Totally normal….try to relax.

Are you freaking out about “bathroom stuff” during your race? Yeah, so did I. The good news is that they will several port-a-potties along the course. And even tho I drank at every water station, I never had to use one. I was so worried before my race wondering if I had time “to go just one more time??????”. I really think adrenaline will help you hold it! Ha!

During the race, I took the advice of many friends and ate 2 “GU’s” (see below) during the race. I am so glad I did…..I felt terrific at the end. So good in fact that I didn’t really eat after the race. I came home and folded laundry. And then my husband left for work. And then I was in the fetal position in the bathroom for 2 hours. I had someone warn me that it’s easy to have tummy issues after a half marathon and after eating the GU’s. Let me warn you now. YOU HAVE TO EAT AND DRINK AFTER YOUR RACE. I was so, so, so sick until I ate and drank. Literally….felt like I was hit my a mac truck. Learn from my mistakes.

Wow…. after that little list, don’t you just want to run out and take up running?

Hahaha….it’s a weird thing this sport.

Good luck this weekend in your half marathons to my friends Christie and Ashley. I’m so proud of you ladies! You have done the work; enjoy the payoff!!!!



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  • Thanks so much for this post. I have wanted to start up running more since my 3K a month ago. Unfortunately I just found out I am pregnant with our 3rd! I think running will have to wait a little bit. At least until I am past this tired sick stage. I’ll have to keep your info in mind. I’d hate to have read it and then make the same mistakes. Thanks!

  • Camie at "Home is where they love you" says:

    I did a half last year and I am going to train for the Seattle Rock and Roll half. So thank you for the extra tips…you are awesome.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great advice! I ran long distance up until my 2nd year of college and it is a strange sport! lol! Keep it up! It does make me want to start up again… :o)

  • Body Glide is the best!!!! Especially for girls (like me) who have bigger thighs! LOVE IT!

  • Christie says:

    Good stuff! I’m getting excited…but still definitely have the nerves! Where the heck to I get me some of that body glide?!?!

  • ashley says:

    thanks for all the advice. I’ve been trying to get the motivation to start training for a half marathon, I’ll even settle for just a measly little 5k at this point. Anyway, I’m curious, you say you did not lose any weight. But did you lose inches? did your pants fit any better or were you already physically fit before you started your training. And, if you carry water with you when you run, where do you put it? It’s so awesome that you can complete these marathons. I give great credit to anyone who can, it seems so tough. Good luck to you!

  • What a great informative post! I had not heard of Body Glide and believe me, even non-athletes in the Florida summer heat need something like that! It’s on my list. I don’t run because of arthritis, back and joint issues, but love kickboxing, cardio classes and water aerobics. Your advice is good for anyone working out and especially those who push hard. Dehydration has been a monster for me many a time, so thanks for stressing hydration and proper nutrition. I am most impressed with the cause in who’s name you ran. So worthy of widespread attention. I did see the movie, “Taken” and it opened my eyes to this horrible crime. Thanks for bringing some enlightenment to all the issues you covered.

  • Doug Eash says:

    I got tired looking at your post.
    I should start running.

  • your post just got me really excited. i haven’t been able to run in almost 4 years. i’ve had back problems for 10 years now (and i’m not old- thats almost half my life!) and just had a second surgery this summer. i’m praying it worked and that i’ll be able to be active again sometime in the next year. working back up to running (even a few miles again) will be a challenge, but i’m so ready for it!

  • Sam Ransom says:

    Hey this is Shauna’s friend and I’ve been blog stalking you for a while. I’m just lazy and read it on my phone and don’t want to mess with leaving comments. So I figure I will make up for it by leaving a really long comment this time! 🙂
    I like you am no professional, but I do love to run. I will also be running the marathon in October- by myself- agh scary! I’ve done 2 half marathons before but never a full. It is a bucket list thing for me, so I’m excited and nervous all in one.
    So here is some unsolicited advice from my experiences. Have you tried glucosamine for your knee? It helps with cartilage and for me makes a HUGE difference on my pain problems with my knee. It does take a few weeks of being on it for it to really help. I also wear a brace for any distance over 5 miles. Also something new I’m trying this time is Vitamin C. My dad keeps telling me taking extra Vitamin C will help lesson your soreness. I’ve only done it once and I think it helps but anyways I can’t say for sure.
    And lastly as embarrassing as this may be runner’s diarrhea is something to add to the list of yucky things that could happen. I didn’t really know about this when I first started running again and thought that I was weird needing to RUN to the bathroom during or after runs. There are lots of tips out there for helping stop this and for the most part I’ve found once I’ve been training for a while and if I don’t overeat on fiber than it goes away.
    So long post but I LOVE to read your running posts! They keep me motivated and inspired. Maybe I’ll see you guys on race day! (Probably not because I’m sure I’ll finish WAY later- just hoping to finish really is the goal.)

  • sara says:

    So I am also happy that you posted this. You helped motivate me to start running. I am starting slow but at least I am starting! Thanks for all your wisdom;)

  • KatrinkaJane says:

    What about trying a Tinted Lip Balm? It’s like chapstick mixed with lipstick, but it’s super-slim enough to fit in your cleavage. ;D If you don’t already have a beauty consultant, I’d be happy to hook you up with one! Love your blog!

  • a new follower now. the post about running caught my eye. i was running alot last fall 2009, shin splints, followed by physical therapy and yes not running on edge of trails, so now i’m back and thinking of 1/2 marathon.. loved your suggestions..
    would love for you to follow me and see if i decide to run..
    laura over at

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