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deviled eggs laid out on kitchen table

My grandmother’s deviled eggs were one of my favorite things she ever made. They were SO MUCH my favorite that even though we had a fancy caterer for our wedding, I asked grandma if she would make her deviled eggs. So, she ended up making 200 eggs, which makes 400 deviled eggs and we ate them to the Glory of God. LOL.

Now that she’s gone, I still love to remake her deviled eggs. There is some difference of opinion amongst my cousins and myself on the EXACT ingredients. But what we think is that it is the yolks of the eggs, mayonnaise, horseradish, and the TINIEST bit of mustard.

I wish I could give you guys exact measurements on each but we literally just dump stuff in a bowl until it looks right!!!

Grandma didn’t used to do any garnishing other than paprika, which wasn’t for the taste, but more for the color. But for Memorial Day weekend, Jason and I decided we would try to make them pretty and fancy with some garnishing. I mean… what’s better than regular deviled eggs? FANCY deviled eggs… LOL!

deviled eggs garnished with bacon bits, green olives, black olives, radishes, and jalepenos

So, we garnished them with jalapenos, radishes, black olives, bacon bits, and green olives. And if you like green olives, omgosh, those are the Seriously, they’re the best.

close up of deviled eggs with different garnishes on them

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Recipe for the BEST deviled eggs!

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