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Thanksgiving Table Arrangement pumpkin candle tablescape.

Continuing in my quest to keep every single pumpkin grower in America employed, I made ANOTHER pumpkin project this year. Here’s my gorgeous Thanksgiving table arrangement. Every single thing I’m obsessed with is piled into a dough bowl (similar to this dough bowl) :

  • Pumpkins.
  • Glitter.
  • Vine-y, twiggy things from a decorating store.
  • Hedgeapples (or osage oranges or brains  or horse apples depending on where you are from). They are everywhere on the ground this time of year in Kansas City.
  • Candles.

It makes me happy.

I wanted a candle put into the top of the middle pumpkin for something fun and different in this Thanksgiving table arrangement.


Thanksgiving Table Arrangement white pumpkin

So, we started with a medium-sized white pumpkin because white pumpkins just look so classy. Especially in a Thanksgiving Table Arrangement.



pumpkin tools

Mr. Magic used these things to carve the hole into the top of the pumpkin for me. I’m not going to pretend I know what they are.  “A drill with an attachment.” That’s as much as a know.  I’ve honestly quit denying my princess status and the fact that he does every.single.project involving tools.  It’s just safer for everyone that way.  And my hands stay clean.


Thanksgiving Table Arrangement candle hole in pumpkin

I gave Mr Magic the candle votive that I wanted to fit into the top of the white pumpkin.  He used the drill thingy, but then had to use a kitchen knife to finesse the hole just a bit so the candle would fit.


Thanksgiving Table Arrangement white pumpkin candle holder

And look, is he magic or what?  Look at how snug and perfect that votive fits.


Thanksgiving Table Arrangement glitter pumpkins

I know some of you will ask about the glittered pumpkins.  I got the mini pumpkins at the local grocery store where they are usually 2 for $1.  And I have several ways that I glitter them.

Here is one video that I had on Facebook showing one technique. What’s funny is that I paid to have this video made and it’s pretty and professional and THERE IS MUSIC AND EVERYTHING. And yet the video that had even MORE views is this next one where I used a Pampered Chef tool to help me in my glittering madness.


Over 54K people have watched that thing. Hilarious!


Thanksgiving Table Arrangement dough bowl and pumpkins

Just a few final notes about this quick, easyThanksgiving table arrangement.

First, it should go without saying, but be sure your lit candles are no where near the vine-y, twiggy stuff that you may put in your arrangement. Fire safety first.

And second, both the hedgeapples and pumpkins WILL go bad eventually.  When they do, you will know and it’s time to toss them out.  Yes, you could use FAKE ones so they last longer, but ouch on the cost of that! I prefer the real stuff as the hedgeapples are free and the mini pumpkins are cheap!

So this is my Thanksgiving centerpiece. I hope this gives you some good ideas for your own!


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Magic Brush Thanksgiving Table Arrangement Pin


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