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painting fabric footstool before and after

I have been just itching to blog about this project for you.  I just PAINTED a fabric footstool. Yes, I PAINTED the fabric.  I tried painting fabric a few years ago with a homemade concoction and was pretty disappointed in how stiff the fabric became, so I was anxious to try this new product.


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The FAB product from Heirloom Traditions is the “primer” if you will. This goes on right over the old fabric.

UPDATE:  Heirloom Traditions has discontinued its FAB products. Instead, has developed a new paint product called FINISH-ALL. There are 8 different colors and you can purchase them from Amazon here. This is still an amazing product and works the same – it goes on EVERYTHING – wood, fabric, vinyl, stone, leather, tile and even better, unlike FAB – NO PRIMER OR SEALER IS REQUIRED!!  IN this tutorial, I still show you how to paint with FAB + a chalk type paint. But know that you will do the painting the same, but just use one of the colors of Finish-All.

I just slopped it on. 

You can watch a video here:


Ignore the car alarm in the background.  Murphy’s Law = if I am taping, alarms will go off.  Go figure.  



After the FAB dried overnight, I painted it with this obnoxiously delightful color called Marilyn’s Lipstick.  Is that not the yummiest pink you have ever seen?  Also pick up my favorite chalk-type paint brush while you’re shopping on Amazon. These brushes are amazing when working with chalk-type paints.  You’ll love them!


You can watch how I apply it on this video. And, are you a PINK or a RED person?  I’m curious!


painting fabric footstool

This is how painting fabric looked after one coat, the pattern still showed.  I ended up doing what I called 2 1/2 coats.  Lol. The 3rd coat was not all over.


sanding tip for painting fabric footstool

In between each coat I did run a quick sanding block over the pink…. it just helped to soften it a little.


tips for painting fabric footstool


Do not forget to turn your piece over on something fancy like a trash can and be sure to paint the fabric that you MISS when it’s right side up.  See all that old fabric color coming thru?  Shameful.

After all the pink was on…. I did another coat of FAB to seal it!


painting fabric footstool


I ended up using the same Black Bean paint that I used on the legs to paint the piping.  I brushed it on with a small angled brush. And look at how good it looks!!!!! Painting fabric turns out beautiful!!

So I know what you are thinking ….   IS IT CRUNCHY????  The answer is, it is NOT crunchy, but it’s not as soft as it was.  It feels EXACTLY like exterior patio furniture cushions.  Wayyyyyyy softer than the concoction I made up years ago.

And maybe you are thinking, will it crack???  And no, it will NOT crack.

I’m obsessed.

I’ve already bought a tufted chair in a hideous color so that I can do another FAB painting fabric project in gray.  Yummy.



painting fabric footstool


Here is the before and after again for you to be inspired by. Start painting fabric furniture today!

If you are inspired to paint some fabric, read my blog about painting crushed velvet pieces and a new product for painting leather. These pieces went from ugly to amazing and it was so easy to do!

Painting Velvet Chair    Painting leather Chair

Happy painting,


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  • Tammi says:

    i too am curious if it will work on vinyl/leather and if it will survive in a sunroom.

  • Mary Johnson says:

    Where can I purchase this paint?

  • This is incredible, and incredibly dangerous… no furniture is safe now! 😉 Thank you so much for letting us know about this product and how to use it. I HAD NO IDEA! <3

  • Frankie Holshouser says:

    I have a vinyl/fax leather sofa which has peeled off, could I paint it with this type paint. I have never seen any thing like this to peel over the years. Sofa padding etc is in excellent condition just the vinyl peeled off.

  • Holly says:

    Ok I bought the most beautiful chair but it has already been painted with latex paint:( I want to change the color so can I do this method or no?? It is not crunchy now but it is stiff because she did not use a medium.

  • Cher says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    That ottoman is beautiful !
    If I use the primer you mentioned can I use any leftover paint I already have or does it have to be the paint you are posting? I’m trying to budget this project can you please let me know how I can get around the expense of the primer and paint you are posting.
    Thanks so much

  • lindsey says:

    Hi Jennifer! Long story short, I had custom roman shades with beautiful fabric made six months ago….and now I am redoing the room altogether. My husband is ready to divorce me 🙂 I was thinking of trying to paint them instead of scrapping them — any thoughts on whether Fab and the other products you use would work on shades?? They’re big — about 5′ across and 3′ long

  • Lisanne Allen says:

    Jennifer, I’m wondering about your thoughts on color mixing…
    I want a strong red-pink based raspberry color for this horrible flower-print arm chair (that I bought at Goodwill for $20! It’s in great shape, but the print makes me think of mothballs, dust and old people.)
    ANYHOO… I was considering mixing Marilyn’s Lipstick with Passion. My concern, of course, is whether I’ll be able to get it really well-blended. I’d rather it not come out marbled, haha!
    Have you ever tried mixing colors? Was it pure genius, or horrid disaster?

  • Ruth says:

    Could you use this paint on wall to wall carpeting?

    • Lisanne Allen says:

      oooh, no. Jennifer says it ends up feeling like patio furniture, and that was on smooth fabric. Cannot even imagine what it would do on something as nappy as carpet, and even if it did cover completely—which it prolly wouldn’t–do you really want your floor to feel like patio furniture? Also, the sheer volume of paint would be enormous, and therefore so would be the expense. Cheaper to just rip up your carpet and replace it. 😉

  • WOW!! I’m so going to try this! What is the texture like of the fabric after you paint it? I’m just curious!

  • Melanie (Mimi) says:

    Waiting on a miracle to redo a button tuck vintage velvet wingback chair for my daughter….instead of wicker floor colored wood… going for lux white and fabric a deep lipstick red
    Thank you so much,

  • Angie says:

    How do you think this would work on mircofiber dinning room chairs?

  • Tina says:

    Would this stand up to outside furniture?

  • Sue says:

    I noticed they sprayed the fabric first before painting..and the added a fabric medium along with paint. The water/dampened causes thinner paint layer which causes the fabric to be more like oil cloth than painted stiff fabric.

  • Julie says:

    The All in One of Finish All is Not RECOMMENDED For velour and VELVET!!

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