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Textured Wall Removal Jennifer Allwood

As many of you know, we’re in the process of remodeling our new house and just went through the process of removing the very heavy faux finishes that were throughout our home. 

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The funny thing is, my team of women at The Magic Brush was the one who fauxed these walls in the first place! Trust me the irony is not lost on me! We were paid 9 years ago to texture these walls for the original owner and now I am paying someone to smooth them out! lol. 


Textured Wall Removal Jennifer Allwood

I have received sooooooo many Instagram DM’s asking me how to get rid of the texture in your walls. So I want to help. You have SEVERAL options!



Textured Wall Removal Jennifer Allwood

  1. Let’s say you just want to change the color of your walls but you don’t hate the texture, then just paint over it! We did this in our old house! The majority of the time this is the simplest solution unless you’ve got some weird type of texture that you absolutely hate. With this method I would suggest priming your walls before repainting though, especially if you don’t know what the old texture was.  Kilz primer works well for this type of job.
  2. If there’s no doubt that the texture has to go….. and the texture is pretty thin or cheap and easily picked off…. then you could try sanding it down. We’ve never done this however. I would suggest doing a test area first, just to be sure this method is an option for your project. Also consider using a sander that captures the dust as you sand since you’ll definitely be producing dust!!!
  3. This next method is the one we did recently in our brand new house; we hired someone to skim coat the walls. They troweled on one coat of heavy joint compound. Then let it dry. Then skimmed another coat the next day and a 3rd coat on the final day. This was no easy task!!!  
You can see here these walls were very heavily textured and we have alot of walls in the 3 rooms we are smoothing out, so the drywall team was here for over a week. You can easily google drywall contractors in your city if this is the route you want to take.  In the Kansas City area, we used Elite Drywall. 


Textured Wall Removal Jennifer Allwood

Once completely dry, the draywallers sanded the walls and boy are they SMOOOOOOOTH.  Smooth like butter. Or a baby’s bum. Or my new walls.


Textured Wall Removal Jennifer Allwood
It worked beautifully!!! However, be prepared that this is a VERY, VERY, VERY messy process.


 Textured Wall Removal Jennifer Allwood
It is going to be so worth it in the end though! Here are the walls smooth and ready to be painted! (we are debating on going gray or putting THIS COLOR on the dining room walls)
The last resort way to ditch your textured walls is just MOVE to another house!! 😉 Lol. Sometimes I think this MAY be the easiest route!


I hope this gives you some ideas to tackle any outdated faux finished walls you may be tired of.

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