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So you all know I have been a huge lover of StitchFix clothing for a long time. I think I am on my 17th month of getting their clothing delivered to my doorstep… so I may have an addiction.

Well, they NOW have Stitchfix for men.

And Mr Magic has tried it out.


This post does contain an affiliate link. If you order off this link at no charge to you, I will get a small credit that will go towards my clothing addiction!

The first month he didn’t keep anything. Sometimes it takes a few fixes before your stylist gets an idea of what you love and don’t love. You can watch the video above to see his not-so-much-of-a-poker-face.


 His second month was much better and he kept 3 out of the 5 things! Remember you only pay for what you keep. And if you keep it all you get 25% off your bill plus your styling fee is waived!

I tried to make him model the plaid shirt. And this is what I got. He calls it his “JC Penny catalog pose”. Lol. 


Modeling the burgundy pants and chambray shirt didn’t go much better. Lol. He’s a goofball!




So, if you have a man in your life who loves clothing or……… who needs some clothing help…. you should sign him up HERE for a Christmas gift.  Keep in mind to sign up is no commitment. You will get 5 things in the mail. You keep what you want after you’ve seen the items and what they cost. You then have 3 days to “check out” online and pay for what you are keeping. Everything else you send back in a postage paid envelope. What could be easier than that?

Well, I guess a gift card could be easier than that. Lol.  You can buy a gift card for ANYONE on your Christmas list here!

Happy Shopping,


PS. If you love shopping for men or just need more ideas check out my gift guide for him! I’ve got tons of gift ideas for boyfriends, husbands and brothers for Christmas, birthdays and Father’s Day.



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