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Turquoise Painted Piano | Magic Brush

My team at The Magic Brush recently had the honor of painting a piano for a client! This was such a super fun project because the client is so amazing and…… so gutsy with color! I am in love!


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Turquoise Painted Paino | Magic Brush

Here is what her piano looked like before we got our hands on it.  



Turquoise Painted Paino | Magic Brush

We prepped it by cleaning it with TSP and then giving it a good sanding + one more cleaning with a damp rag. Then we taped down the piano keys since we needed to paint up close to them.



Turquoise Painted Paino | Magic Brush

I used a gray primer that I already had in my paint studio just to alleviate having to buy a new primer. When in doubt…. I always prime!


We used the chalk type paint color Tanya by Heirloom Traditions and my absolute favorite chalk-type paint brush – these oval synthetic fiber brushes.  See this project and this one to see some other amazing products they have! )

We brushed most of the paint on the piano but rolled some of the larger flat areas!

Turquoise Painted Paino | Magic Brush

This is Jen going to town on the painting. Isn’t she cute??

When finished, we sealed over the chalk-type paint (because it HAS to be sealed) with this clearcoat. It’s liquid gold you guys! The best clearcoat on the market in my opinion!


Turquoise Painted Piano | Magic Brush

And here is what the painted piano looks like all done! I am in love!!


Turquoise Painted Paino | Magic Brush

The finish is silky smooth!


Turquoise Painted Paino | Magic Brush

And it’s so fun to look at!




turquoise Painted Piano | Magic Brush

Look at the difference a little paint makes! For those of you who have an old piano sitting around…. I encourage you to paint it if you are not in love with it. No, you aren’t ruining its value. And yes, your great-aunt Martha will forgive you for painting the family heirloom. I pinkie swear!

And, we’d love for you to pin the graphic we made for you below!

Happy Painting,


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