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Check out the red buffet we just painted and sold!!!  It was a totally fun piece to paint because of the piece’s “story”.

A few weeks ago, I was driving down a country road to a client’s house and saw this on the side of the road:

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Red Buffet - Jennifer Allwood  

It was laying in the snow.  So, I drove by reeeeeeeeeeeeal slow (you know the drive).  And decided if it was still there when I drove by again….I would check it out.

Well, 5-6 hours later it was still there! So one of the girls who works for me and I about killed ourselves loading this heavy thing.  It was in great shape and the glass wasn’t even broken.  Almost like it fell from Heaven itself!!!!

We brought the piece home and began the process of giving it new life.

First, we stained the top and bottom a dark walnut stain.

Then we painted it an orangish red that I love.  It’s a color from Faux Effect’s called “Leather Red

And then we stained over it with Dark Walnut Gel Stain.

And topcoated it. Viola!

Red Buffet - Jennifer Allwood


Here is a picture in all of it’s stages.

Red Buffet - Jennifer Allwood


And now it’s already at a new home.

Red Buffet - Jennifer Allwood


Saved from the snow.

Red Buffet - Jennifer Allwood


Saved from homelessness.

Red Buffet - Jennifer Allwood

Isn’t that fun?

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