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Sometimes all ya’ need to get motivated to get projects done is an “event”. In my case… we had our neighborhood garage sales this weekend (which I always participate in)… so I had to get my garage cleared out! It was the motivation I needed to finish the painting projects that I had sitting in there!

So without further adieu….

Remember these pots that I needed motivation to start:

The designer asked that I make them look similar to the fountain I showed you on this post. She didn’t want them to look “fauxed”… which I translated into “don’t make them look too perfect or matchy-matchy”. Sometimes that is harder than you think.

I started by spray painting them a nice tan color…

Then I applied Aqua’s turquoise Stain & Seal for my blue in a “consistently-inconsistent-unmatchy-random-not-trying-too-hard” pattern…

If you are a professional faux finisher and have never used Aqua Finishing Solution’s Stain and Seals…. you need to. I have my studio always loaded with them. If you are in KC… you can purchase Stain and Seal from Surfaces Fine Paint... they are the local Aqua distributor.

After drying, I added Aqua’s Rich Brown Stain & Seal.

Again… trying not to make it look “too nice”.

I smashed it around… rubbed some of it off with cheesecloth and let it dry.

And here is the big reveal:

I like how they turned out so much that I may do a pot or something in my house the same way.

One project down. Two to go….

I had this dresser from another client.

I started by painting it Sherwin Williams “Mannered Gold” first. Then I applied Sherwin Williams “Sawdust” over that…. not 100%. Again, consistently inconsistent….

I added some “worm holes” with a Modello stencil removing tool.

This is the best “worm holer” that I have found. If you have never put “worm holes” on a wood piece… you should try it. It’s a great stress reliever.

(Pay no attention that I haven’t had a manicure in months. These are workin’ girl hands! But feel free to marvel at the fact that I was talented enough to stab the wood with this picker thing and snap a photo with my other hand AT THE SAME TIME! Serious skills…)

After that, I glazed the whole thing with Van Dyke Stain & Seal and called it a day:

Two projects down…. one to go.

My last garage project was transforming this old desk/bookcase that my client bought off Craigslist:

Into this:

This is a great example of transforming an ugly piece of furniture that has “good bones”.… into something marvelous! I love it! Great find Jill!

I finished it and delivered it on Thursday. Just in time for this on Friday:

My mom, my friend Shauna and my friend Laretha all got to spend a lot of quality time in my garage with me for 2 days. It’s a good thing we all love one another!

And to my dismay, Ava discovered dirt:

I think by the time it was all said and done, we all kinda felt like this bunny:

Poor bunny. He didn’t even sell…in fact, now that I think of it…. the reindeer and one of those bed frames didn’t either?!?!?! UG!

Three projects down… garage is empty… it’s a beautiful thing.

If you are interested in more furniture transformations…. head over to Sanctuary Arts at Home for some serious inspiration.

Many blessings,


  • KC Mom says:

    Ohhh, I’m definately motivated now!

  • Cheryl says:

    Wonderful transformations…I really liked your “distressed” nails 😛

  • Jen r. says:

    They all look great! Love your before and afters! I LOVE that sideboard/ dresser with the green.. it’s seriously awesome… you and I have to meet sometime and swap secrets! ;)Thanks for joining in on the party! Jen

  • Shauna says:

    Fun but completely exhausting!!! those pots are so amazing! and you know I loved the furniture you fauxed! I just wish I could get motivated to fold laundry!

  • Linda says:

    You are so talented! Your furniture finising techniques are gorgeous! Linda

  • Laretha says:

    Those pots are so pretty and your skills are amazing to me!

    Now that I have all that junk out of my office I can sand my tables so you can help me stain them in all your free time!

    Laughing, seriously…free time…laughing harder…oh my…breath….

  • Love your urn project, but I really, really, love the black hutch. Black makes everything better! The color choice on the other piece is fabulous too, I need something other than black once in a while…


  • Southern Fried Gal says:

    Hello! Found your blog today and had to express my love of those pots! They are beautiful! Thanks for the play by play on how to do it!

  • snicker snicker…. I was going to call you out on those glamorous finger nails – gosh I can so relate – and that stain and seal can do a bigtime number on those fingers, if you forget to put the gloves on. That modello pick is a weapon – I’ve wormholed myself with it once or twice…

    I LOVE the pots – awesome transformation…

    and enjoyed the play by plays of how you are moving through a moment… (Ava is so darn adorable!)

  • nwalker says:

    Great job on the furniture painting! I am new to your post and I enjoyed viewing!

  • bwwwwaaaa Jennifer…love the finish on the nails…and I can so relate to how that can happen. I don’t see how people keep nicely manicured nails and do the type of work we do. Although I am going to do better with mine..lolol.
    Love the pieces you have done…
    hey and thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been trying to get to yours for weeks now but you know how it is when your to do list is longer than you are????

  • Girly Stuff says:

    I love all your transformations!! You have inspired me with the black secretary! I have a smaller one that now needs a decal and some caromal colours!

    I may try the stain and seal stuff on a few pots myself.

    I am glad your garage is lighter…that is always a great feeling! I would have bought the reindeer if I had been there!

  • Mesha says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Emily says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    This is a bit random but I’m curious if you ever ended up selling the extra twin bed frame? I live in Olathe (which I believe may not be too far from you) and have been on the search through Craigslist and such for a twin bed frame for my daughter’s room. Unfortunately I haven’t had much luck.

    If you still have it would you be interested in selling it to me?



  • I love these transformations, very nice job!

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