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Please don’t shoot your walls with a bb gun!

By January 27, 20118 Comments

This is a closeup picture of our “OSTRICH” finish. We had it in an award winning model home last year. Loved, loved, loved the look even tho’ it took us about 18 hours longer to finish that I anticipated! haha!

It’s difficult to see at a distance, but we did the finish on the walls in a study and people LOVED it.

Loved it so much in fact….that a friend just told me that a man she knows (did you follow all that?) saw the ostrich finish we did and told her “I know how the Magic Brush did it…….they SHOT AT THEIR WALLS WITH A BB GUN AND THEN FAUXED OVER IT”.

OMGosh what???????

And so….he shot bb’s at his basement walls and fauxed over it!!!!!!!

No, no, no! We did NOT shoot at our walls.

We used tissue paper and glaze and an ostrich stencil and Aquastone like any civilized faux finisher would do!!!!!!!

Just because I recently went out for some target practice does not mean I am incorporating that into our work!

(My dear friend Becky and I representin‘ the girlie girls at target practice!!!)

Haha! For some reason this story just tickles me!

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