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Grandma’s rehabbed recipe box

By January 18, 201124 Comments

I have this amazing “client-turned-friend” named Lynne. She is one of those super moms who color coordinates her outfits with her daughter and teaches people how to make teacher pails (a.k.a. “brown nosing buckets”). She is incredibly sentimental…..which I love and appreciate and relate to so much.

Lynne recently asked me to do a super fun project for her 8 year old daughter’s birthday. This recipe box was her grandmother’s and she asked me to “make it pretty” ….”to decorate it in a way that her daughter would love it now and also as an adult”. Oooohhh….challenging!

She also gave me this old stack of recipe magazines and asked me to incorporate them into the box. Ohhhhhh……an opportunity to use Modge Podge…..I love it!

Here is the finished project! Stinkin’ cute if I may say so myself!!!!!!!

I sprayed the box all over with Heirloom White. Next I taped off diamonds and glazed them. Then I ran a sanding block over the whole thing to age it….especially the corners.

The inside was hard….but fun!

Here is a look at inside before…..

And here is the inside after. I used funny articles out of her old magazines to line the inside and glazed it all.

Lynne had the idea of putting a knob on the top. Oohhhh….the opportunity to use a glue gun!

And I added some bling swirlies from Hobby Lobby ….. the coolest things ever invented!

Then I added one of these crystal “buckles” found in any scrapbook store to the front of the box …

And added bit of ribbon….

And called it goooooooooood!

I soooooo wish I had something sentimental like this from my grandmother….
I soooooo wish I knew how to cook enough to actually NEED a recipe box……..HA!

Thanks Lynne for the cool project!


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