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We just painted these mini blinds. Yes, our bamboo mini blinds!!!! So quick and easy. I want to show you how!

Painted Blinds & Painting Wood Blinds | Magic Brush

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Painted Blinds & Painting Wood Blinds | Magic Brush


This is our breakfast room. We just replaced the hardwood floors.

We painted the trim all in SW Alabaster – one of my 50 favorite colors! (Get my free video with the other 49 colors HERE ).

We got curtains that are so fun from THIS SITE.

We got this new rug, this new table and new chairs like these. 

I was loving everything about the room. Except……

The dark bamboo blinds were killing it for me. 

So I decided we were going to paint them.

Everything in the whole wide world is paintable, you know that right???


I started the process on this LIVE video on my Facebook page. Sometimes you just gotta start a thing!

It seemed like it would go super easy and super fast.

We used this chalktype paint and this chalktype brush.

That is my go-to off white color for everything.

You can see it on this chair project and this brick one.

It’s the perfect warm cream and perfect to tone down the blinds.


Painted Blinds | Painting Mini Blinds | The Magic Brush

I started the blinds and then Melissa painted 9, yes 9 of them for me! We did a few hanging up because we thought it would be so much easier.


Painted Blinds & Painting Wood Blinds | Magic Brush

Then we tried to do a few laying down.

We tried cream spray paint to see if that would go quicker, but came back to this chalktype paint process because we liked it the best.

Painted Blinds & Painting Wood Blinds | Magic Brush

Here is how the breakfast room turned out. So good! And so much cheaper than replacing!


Painted Blinds & Painting Wood Blinds | Magic Brush

So we decided to do the living room windows also! How did I manage to miss a BEFORE shot??? Ug. I have this when we painted the TRIM in the Alabaster!


Painted Blinds & Painting Wood Blinds | Magic Brush

And here is the after!

Painted Blinds & Painting Wood Blinds | Magic Brush

And then we moved to the office as well!

Painted Blinds & Painting Wood Blinds | Magic Brush

Isn’t that a fun little DIY? I think we used 2 quarts of the French Vanilla chalk-type paint  and the only other supply was this fiber oval tapered brush. 



Happy Painting,


If you want to keep painting in your home, check out my free video on my Top 50 Favorite Wall Colors here.


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  Painted Blinds & Painting Wood Blinds | Magic Brush | How to paint blinds from dark and drab to neutral using chalk-type paints | Home Decorating Ideas | Easy Home Updates with Paint    Painted Blinds & Painting Wood Blinds | Magic Brush


  • Janet Bergeson says:

    Just love the look of your newly painted blinds and enjoy all of your posts, you keep it all so real. I have a questions about blind choice, I need to replace the blinds in the home which I recently purchased and have been trying to decide which would be better, the woven blinds like you have or a nice 2″ mini blind? I love the look of your woven, just not sure of the privacy factor.

  • Pam Elkins says:

    Wowzer. I like it so much!!!

  • Linda says:

    Did you paint both sides of the blinds ??
    Looks great!

  • Lahood says:

    The post Contains Really Lot of valuable Information I really Gathered lot of information From your Post. So we are selecting the perfect window furnishings involves many different elements that can transform my house.

  • You were doing a great job such an excellent article with creative tips. I am so thankful for you and your blog. Thanks for sharing such a informative post to us.

  • Beth Murphy says:

    Does it work to paint just one side of tortoiseshell shades? My condo association only allows white window treatments but strictly speaking, it is only white that needs to be facing out of the building. I can have whatever color I want inside. I have some tortoiseshell shades that I just love but they are in violation of the association’s policy. They are the standard tortoiseshell shades that allow beautiful sunlight to come in and beams through the slats. I would like to retain that lovely aesthetic. Do you think it is possible to paint just one side of the shades without the paint dripping onto the other side and also we don’t want paint collecting in between the slats or reeds so the sun will continue to shine through. Is this possible? And if so could you recommend a good paintbrush for use with this. Thank you so very much. Beth Murphy

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