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Painted Black Ceiling | Magic Brush

As I announced on my Facebook page recently, I decided to paint our dining room ceiling BLACK.  I can’t wait to show you all this project and give you a dose of courage to do a wild painting project in your house!!!

 This post does contain affiliate link at the bottom for many of the items in our room so that you can easily find them online! 


Painted Black Ceiling | Magic Brush

This was our dining room. The walls are Sherwin William’s Silverplate. The ceiling is SW Big Chill. The trim is SW Grizzle Gray.

I love this room, but I feel like it was just so……expected. Boring if you will. 


Painted Black Ceiling | Magic Brush

Here is the ceiling from another angle. See. Pretty room, but it feels whimpy and washed out to me. 

I need drama. 

And I need color.


Painted Black Ceiling | Magic Brush

So I decided to have the girls who work for me paint the ceiling BLACK ! We used Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams in a FLAT sheen (my favorite!). All of my interior doors in my house are the Tricorn Black and I adore them!

Now I know what you’re thinking…..

  • Won’t black make the room feel smaller? Well, why are we trying to make every room look bigger anyway??? I would rather a room feel smaller and gorgeous than big and bland any day!
  • Won’t black make the ceiling feel heavy? Yes, and also cozy. Like your favorite grandmother who is a little fluffy in the middle from years of eating fried chicken and homemade bread but she’s the one you always want to hug. That’s what a black ceiling feels like. Heaven.
  • Won’t it take 9 million coats of paint to cover? Nope, Stephanie and Jen did it in 2 coats! Use good paint and a good roller and you won’t regret it!

Painted Black Ceiling | Magic Brush

It was at about this point that I was 53% excited and 47% terrified.

Listen….. that happens to EVERYONE. In EVERY project. Just keep going!!!!!  Don’t back out half way thru a painting project. Finish it, THEN live with it a few days and THEN decide!


If you are wondering what some of my other favorite paint colors are, or why I used flat paint or which brands are my favorite, you can watch this video above that was on my Facebook page for all my painting tips!    


Painted Black Ceiling | Magic Brush

And this is how it turned out!!


Painted Black Ceiling | Magic Brush

You guys, I couldn’t be more thrilled with it.

It makes me so happy to look at.


Painted Black Ceiling | Magic Brush

And you should see it at night with the lamps on dim…… gorgeous!!!!


Painted Black Ceiling | Magic Brush

Here is the comparison! Ho-hum vs hellllllllllllllooooooooooo.

(Read my previous post on this black buffet I painted last year — it was a piece that many of you were doubting me on! It turned out beautiful and goes so well with my new painted black ceiling!)



Painted Black Ceiling | Magic Brush

And another angle.

Yes, I know I am missing a light bulb in the chandelier (painting instructions for that are HERE).  But I decided to roll with the pics anyway because a handful of YOU are probably missing lightbulbs too. And missing a lightbulb is our current situation. I am embracing the hotmess!

Painted Black Ceiling | Magic Brush


For those of you worried about it feeling dark or heavy, this room is west facing and gets beautiful sunlight all day long.

I am a smitten-kitten for black ceilings right now. For real!

Painted Black Ceiling | Magic Brush



I just can’t quit staring at it!!!

Next up is a beautiful colorful rug for under the farmtable! THIS ONE is the one I am leaning towards. Stay tuned!!!

If you are love in my dining room chairs, I am too!  You can find them HERE.

Love my Psalms 91 framed print over the buffet? Contact my friend Chrystal HERE to order one.

And HERE are similar feather prints to the 2 I have hanging on the walls.

Happy Painting,

PS. You can also get a complete list of my favorite paint colors for walls by watching this free video.


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