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Painted Brick Fireplace Magic Brush

We had a client who had this beautiful fireplace….but she wanted the stone to be warmer…..less gray.

Painted Brick Fireplace Magic Brush

So we used Stain and Seal from Faux Effects in a few different colors (American Walnut, Van Dyke and Rich Brown) to stain right over it and warm up the color palette.

Painted Brick Fireplace Magic Brush
The color is soooo much better with her furnishings. The new painted brick fireplace is gorgeous!
I bet she is loving that painted brick fireplace in KC today……we have yucky, cold, rainy weather. Bring on the snow already!!  It’s Christmas!!!
Love my painted brick fireplace? For more fireplace projects: here’s how to paint your fireplace tile and how to paint your fireplace brick. I also show you and how to update the brass trim around your fireplace.
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  • It was beautiful but I agree that it’s much warmer now. Amazing you can do this. I wish I could work for you!!

  • Lori says:

    Much better and I like the stools in front, kind of make it look like it has a hearth. Brings your eye straight to the fireplace opening.

  • Pamela says:

    Very very pretty!!

  • Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants says:

    I painted an entire wall and columns at my church a few years ago. It was a huge job but such a transformation. I really want to change up my fireplace as well but I think I want more than a different color, I want more of a rock look, but I need to think about it, because I had forgotten painting/staining is another solution! Thanks for sharing.

  • Good choice to use S & S to transform the stone… it looks so much richer than before when there was a predominance of grey and beige. You did an amazing job.

  • Laney says:

    Looks nice! What about painting over marble tile? We have green marble around our fireplace and I hate it! What to do??

  • Magic Brush says:

    Laney if it’s the slick tile….it’s a process to change. I use Faux Effects products, so after taping off the grout lines with auto detail tape, I use Prime Etch to prime the tile. Then it can be painted, fauxed in any finish. Then usually it needs a topcoat. Does that help at all?

  • Laney says:

    Yes, very helpful, thank you! Especially the tip about auto detailing tape! I always wondered how we’d protect the grout lines!

  • Leah Bean says:

    I love this. Can I ask what colors were used a mix, or all one color?

  • Leah Bean says:

    I love this. Can I ask what colors were used a mix, or all one color?

  • Lara says:

    Did you use concrete or wood stain?

  • Liz Reese says:

    Did you paint each brick a different color or did you just randomly apply the stain to the bricks? My brick so needs a makeover and I need inspiration, but something that would require apply color to each brick

  • Brenda Deaton says:

    I was wondering too if you had to paint each brick a different color to have this stunning effect? My brick is more of a Terra Cotta with some black. I had thought about painting it white, but I love these colors. Also I have my mantel is a large piece of unfinished cedar. I have always wanted to stain it too.

  • Carol says:

    Would that color work on red brick? Also entire fireplace surround is brass and I need the doors should I attempt to spray entire surround including doors? Help

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