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Painted Teal Buffet Jennifer Allwood
So I sold my teal buffet at The Red Apron sale in Liberty, MO 
The buffet was one of those pieces that I half hoped wouldn’t sell just so I could make room / move stuff around / force it to work in the decor of my own house.
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Painted Teal Buffet Jennifer Allwood

This piece was a pickle for me to get.  I found it on Craigslist and it was for sale at a little thrift store in Kansas City, KS.  The owner of the thrift store was delightful and I hope to buy more from her in the future.   But I nearly got killed got a little spooked by someone in her store.
As I walked around looking at her merchandise, a young man dressed like an Eskimo (huge, oversized, down jacket) came into the store and hung out for what seemed like an eternity.
Of course, I had just recently seen the movie,  “Craigslist Killer”……. so my “spidey senses” were on high alert.
The store was only 2 rooms big . I would walk to one room. And he would follow me (or so it seemed). I would walk to the next room. He would follow me. So, I decided to go across the street to a bank to get cash for my purchase. And stall for time. And pray for my life.  LOL.
I couldn’t help but notice the armed security guard outside of the bank. So I asked him about the area I was in. He said this was “the most dangerous bank in all of Kansas City…..and that’s why he was posted here” (quote). Nice.
Then he proceeded to tell me that this area of Kansas City is not nearly as dangerous as “the German Brigade” or “Hezbollah” …..both of which he has fought against. Why didn’t I get any warm fuzzies from that??
I thank him for his quick history lesson and then I am left to decide….do I go back into the thrift store and risk life and limb for that buffet? Or do I call my husband to rescue me???

Like any girl who can barely spell “Hezbollah” would do…….I call my husband knight in shining armor in a panic…..and beg him to drop everything he is doing at his job to help me purchase the buffet.

He was there in 30 minutes. He pretended to see the potential in the piece and ignore the obvious water damage and animal chew marks on it. He is a gem that man.

By then the store was Eskimo-less and I felt comfortable again.

 Painted Teal Buffet Jennifer Allwood
So we get the buffet home and I stare at it for a day or two while I decide what I want to do with it.  I decided to ask Erin, who works for me, to paint it in an Aruba Blue color (Which you can learn in my Paint Finish of the Month Club) and to leave the top stained wood.  Erin had the marvelous idea of leaving the drawers stained also. And so we did. 
Painted Teal Buffet Jennifer Allwood

The teal buffet had the place of honor my husband’s side of the garage for a few days while I glazed it, restained the wood and top-coated it. My favorite top coat is Modern Masters MasterClear Supreme – I use this on all my painted furniture!

Painted Teal Buffet Jennifer Allwood

Painted Teal Buffet Jennifer Allwood

Then it was all painted ….. but I couldn’t decide on my handles/pulls.

My neighbor Jody has incredible taste… I drug her over invited her over to my garage studio to help me choose between 3 different knobs.

Painted Teal Buffet Jennifer Allwood

She insisted that gaudy beautiful, crystal knobs are my trademark.  I think I am ok with that. And so we went with the old standby. (You can find some here.) 

My hubby helped me transfer the piece over to Liberty for the Red Apron sale.

And one of my lovely blog followers came to buy it.

Painted Teal Buffet Jennifer Allwood

I think sometimes it’s easy to look at something and not realize the amount of work it takes to get a piece of furniture from an ad on a computer screen to a store to be sold.  I would like to think I nearly lost my life over this piece…..but we all know I am being a little dramatic. 

I did, however, learn to spell “Hezbollah” just for this blog post.
Isn’t it good to learn something every day?

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