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bright and light basement with luxury vinyl flooring

So, the basement area that we’ve been redoing goes right out to the pool area! One of the things we learned from last summer is…

A: We definitely need a bathroom and laundry area off of the pool


B: Kids are soaking wet when they come in from being in the pool! #OhMyGoodness #MomLife

So, when we decided to finish off the basement, it was super important to us that we chose flooring that could hold up to many teenagers who were dripping wet from the pool.

(Here are some progress pics just for fun!)

Construction workers installing new flooring

We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart, who I have worked so closely with on all of the rest of the flooring in our home (see HERE for the flooring they did in our old house and see HERE for the flooring on the main floor of the new house). We were trying to find flooring that would coordinate well with our bold kitchen cabinets, grey trim, and white walls…

Hardwood Flooring plank next to cabinet and trim colors

We ended up going with Bonanza (pictured above!) because Jason and I really liked the idea of “mixing trends” in our home. So, we wanted to mix the old with the new. We wanted to mix masculine and feminine. We wanted to do some more modern things in the basement, so we thought it would be fun to pair that with some really distressed flooring to balance that out. We also really wanted to make sure the floor had a lot of movement in it so if the dog, or the 4-year-old, or the teenagers were really hard on it, it would cover a multitude of sins.

Waterproof Durable Flooring with Woman's Shoes

So, that’s the Luxury Vinyl Flooring that we went with! It’s supposed to stand up to moisture and just be able to take a beating and we’re sooo excited about that.

Little girl dancing around in the basement

Miss Ariana wanted to model it for you guys… LOL!

Girl dancing in the basement showing off new flooring

Have you seen the blog post about the bathroom remodel in the basement? We’re so excited about that, too… We have a hidden laundry space and a cubby area to stash our guest’s clothes and shoes. It’s going to be sooo nice to have when we have teenagers running from the pool into the house all summer! Lol! Read all about that HERE.

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Blog post on durable, waterproof flooring

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