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Growing up as a child in the 70’s, it was really common to have bedrooms in the basement! My brother and I both had basement bedrooms in our ranch-style home. And friends, let me tell you… I have quite an aversion to ranch-style homes and dark basements. LOL.

It was utmost importance to me that our new basement would be BRIGHT in terms of color, natural sunlight, and also in terms of how I feel when I’m down in that space. Otherwise, I knew I would NEVER wanna be down here.

Thankfully, the people that built our house put in TONS of windows in so we have a lot of natural light. We put in lots of other lighting in this space, especially by way of can lights, and we also have some really fun lighting that we’ll be showing you soon!

Here’s some progress pics for ya…

basement kitchen cabinets before being painted
kitchen cabinet doors laid out for painting

When it came time to start picking things out, I really wanted to make sure we had light walls and pops of color in certain places. So, we decided to go really BOLD on the kitchen. The color on the kitchen cabinets is Sherwin-Williams Lagoon and we put some delicious gold handles on them to glam them up even more. It’s a compact, yet quite useful kitchen.

Light, bright, and bold kitchen remodel

Our whole intent was to make sure that if we ever had extended family living with us, or house guests, or people house-sitting when we travel, then it would be totally set up for them to live comfortably down here. We wanted there to be a full, yet small kitchen that would have everything that a normal kitchen has, without taking up a ton of space. 

We wanted to make sure we had a refrigerator to house all the kids’ drinks, a sink, a dishwasher, a disposal, a small cooktop, a microwave, and a hidden trashcan because I hateeeee trashcans to be out in the open.  If you missed the blog post on the 6 Things Every Kitchen Remodel Should Have, you can check that out HERE. A hidden trashcan is one of those things. 😉

Plus, we didn’t need a lot of cabinet space in the basement kitchen because we’re going to keep most of the food outside near the pool area!

Full view of bold kitchen remodel


So, we put the kitchen on ONE wall of the basement. We really considered having a floating island out in front of the kitchen with barstools, but because we have the built-in banquette area off to the side, we really didn’t need any more barstools. And we wanted there to be plenty of room for the pool table, the ping pong table, and all of the kids that will be down here on the regular. You can see more on that side of the basement HERE.

Pool table in basement kitchen

So, we designed just a very simple kitchen on one wall. I’ve had different people ask me, “why is the stove so close to the sink?!?”. Well, it’s because it will be very rarely used for anything other than guests and kids’ events. It’s absolutely perfect and we’re so happy with it.

Two different tile options for a bright, bold kitchen

The tile is from The Tile Shop in Kansas City. We actually were trying to decide between these two… We thought if the one on the left was placed one way, it looked like the letter “V”. If we placed the tile the other way, it looked like mountain peaks. Mr. Magic and I weren’t crazy about that. It turns out, the option on the right was one-third of the price, so that made the decision easy!

Our white farmhouse sink that I absolutely loveeee can be found HERE. The black faucet is from Delta… We found a similar faucet at Home Depot HERE.
The yummy gold handles are from Amazon! Check out my affiliate link HERE.

The ceiling and wall color are Sherwin-Williams Eider White. The baseboard trim is Sherwin-Williams Mindful Grey. I looove Mindful Grey for trim… these were the perfect choices since we wanted the basement to be light and bright!

You can get all the details about our basement flooring in my previous blog post HERE.

So, there ya have it, friends! I’m so excited for this area to be all finished so we can have tons of friends over this summer! And just for fun… here’s miss Ariana being a great model again! 😉

little girl dancing in kitchen while it's being remodeled

Take note: Soon, we’ll have more details on the bookcase that goes into a hidden space in our basement!!! Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook where I give behind-the-scenes and sneak peeks all of the time! 🙂 And did you know that I let my email friends know about new blog posts before ANYONE else finds out?! 🙂 You can subscribe to my email list HERE.


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Light and Bright Basement Kitchen Remodel Pinterest Graphic

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