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If you follow me on Instagram Stories, you saw that I made a very last minute, unexpected trip to Iowa with my best friend from high school.

Selfie of woman and friend in the car on a road trip

I didn’t want her going alone because our home town (along with many other areas in the Midwest) is suffering from severe flooding.

Picture of Flooding in Iowa

Flooding in Iowa with Caution Sign

It’s so sad to see your hometown like this… My prayers go out to ALL areas that are being affected right now. 🙁

Photo of Hometown Map from Mapiful

Oddly enough, right around the time when all of this severe flooding started, I received this beautiful map of my home town from a company called Mapiful. They take any city and make it into this awesome map that you can either frame or hang from an Oak, White, or Black poster hanger. There are tons of different options on the website and you can change the colors and style of the map to make it better fit with the style of your home. Mine is the Modern style, and there’s also Nautical, Pantone, Asphalt, and lots more options to choose from!!! Love it.

Photo of Hometown Map from Mapiful Close up of Hometown Map from Mapiful

I’m just totally obsessed with the personal touch this adds to the home. I adore Kansas City but I love that we have this map as a small little reminder of where I grew up.

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Black and white map for modern home decor

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