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My husband went dumpster diving to save this cabinet

By April 18, 201046 Comments

Yes…. this cabinet was headed to a dumpster!!!!!! (shouldn’t that be punishable by law???) But, my husband (God I love him) rescued it for me!!!!

It may look good in the photo, but it was in really poor condition. The white paint was half rolled on/half brushed on. It was chipping in spots, a dog had chewed on the bottom of the cabinet, it had mouse doodie in it (gag, choke, gag!!!!). It was a mess.

I have a few unspoken rules about furniture. I don’t strip furniture. I don’t sand paint off furniture. If it is already beaten up pretty good, I don’t try to hide the beating….. I usually just try to make the piece look even more distressed.

So, we cleaned it, sanded off the edges EVEN MORE and the girls threw a quick chocolate glaze on it for me!

(Check out Erin’s “seat”…. she is so funny…. glazing on my son’s skateboard.)

(closeup of glaze and distressing)

After maybe 2 hours of work, the cabinet is now in our basement (otherwise known as “Legoland“….). I’d love to tell you that I will decorate the top of it with a cute lamp or a vase or something sassy. But, the truth is…. I had to clean all the Legos off the top of it just to take the picture of it! Ha! This is my life in the real world with real kids.

Hobby Lobby’s new knobs are just too cute. I have had different knobs on each door for weeks trying to decide which one I like best.

Ava just enjoyed admiring the knobs.

I was going to have you all vote for my knobs by adding fancy-schmancy poll to this post….but I already took the plunge.

I went with #6. I’d show the after pictures with all the knobs matching. But that would mean I would have to clean the Lego’s off the table again.

And I.just.don’….. (*smile*)

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Thank you for all for your well wishes for my Ava Grace. She broke her leg when jumping off of a playground toy at her Mom’s Day Out. She is adjusting to her cast and I am adjusting to her needing us much, much more.

But, all is well. You ladies rock!


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