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Let me first just say that I read each and every email that I receive. Every time I receive a comment from someone it just makes me happy. I enjoy “community” with you all so much.

With that being said, I am receiving many,many emails each day asking me for specific instructions on painting/faux finishing things in people’s homes. At first, I was completely flattered, but now I am completely overwhelmed.

I think there is a very delicate balance that I have to walk while I try to do tutorials for you all and encourage you to paint things…. and yet I want to be loyal to my fellow faux finishers across the country. If I teach you all how to do it, you don’t need them.

And, this is my business…. at which I have to make an income. I have to be loyal to myself as an artist as well.

So a few emails a week asking for advice has turned in to 5 or 6 emails a day with people sending me pictures of their home for suggestions. I have gotten pictures of fabric swatches to look at. And most often, I am asked for specific steps and products to use to redo kitchen cabinets. One email often turns in to 3 or 4 emails and now I am at a place where I spend more time answering people’s emails than I do blogging.

So, I have decided to start charging a consultation fee if you are wanting my “design advice” or specific instructions on something I do. I keep trying to remember that none of us work for free, right?

And let me also mention that I am not an interior designer. I don’t claim to be one. I have my own designer who helps me with things in my own house.

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