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Modern and Bright Bathroom Remodel

With having the pool and tons of kids over to swim and play, it became suuuper clear to us that having kids (soaking wet from the pool) have to go inside and all the way upstairs, just to go to the bathroom was a hot stinkin’ mess… because they’d be dripping water all over the floors and it was just a pain for both parties.

So, a bathroom in the basement, which is right off of the pool area, was super important to us. Also, we wanted a place where the kids could stash all of their stuff when they’re in the pool area. So, we’ve got a built-in area where they can stash all of their clothes and shoes while they’re out in the pool.

Bright and Modern Bathroom with Geometric Tile and Blue Cabinets

We also have a stackable washer and dryer behind the door so we could do all of the pool towels and laundry right there and didn’t have to drag all of that to the laundry area on the third floor of the house. It will be so convenient. It’s the little things in life, am I right!??

Stackable washer and dryer area in basement bathroom

Door to hide stackable washer and dryer in basement bathroom

So, if you follow me on social media, you’ve been getting allll the behind-the-scenes of the home remodel, which I absolutely love showing you guys.

Modern Bathroom Shower Remodel

Dog Walking Around in New Modern Basement


So, here’s the big reveal!!!

Bright and Modern Basement with Glass Shower Doors

I just absolutely love how bright and modern it is. The shower doors in the bathroom came from Home Depot. They’re super popular on Pinterest right now! You can find them through my affiliate link HERE.

Close up of Laying Tile in Bathroom

The floor and the tile all came from The Tile Shop. I love the floor. I’m obsessed with it. We actually had our tile guy lay it diagonally to make it just a little more interesting.

Bright and Modern Bathroom with Geometric Tile and Blue Cabinets

The cabinet color in the bathroom is the same as what’s in the basement kitchen! It’s Sherwin-Williams Lagoon and I love, love, love it.

The ceiling and wall color are Sherwin-Williams Eider White and the trim is Sherwin-Williams Mindful Grey.

We did all white countertops because I really wanted it to pop with the blue, black, and gold hardware.

We did an above-mount vessel sink because… well, I think it looks fancy. Lol! It’s just fun and different. You can find it at Menards! If you don’t have a Menards near you, I found these similar ones at Home Depot. Check them out HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Bright and Modern Bathroom with Blue Cabinets and Rectangular Mirror

I absolutely love how the matte black faucet looks against the white, and we got that from Delta! Here’s a similar version of the faucet from Home Depot.

These beautiful gold pulls are from Amazon, which you can find through my affiliate link HERE.

The black mirror is from Home Depot… I love how simple, yet bold it is. Check that out HERE.

I feel like the bathroom is uber-functional. It’s super fun and modern, but it’s also practical because you can shower here, you can do your laundry here, you can hang up your clothes here, you can have plenty of room to do your hair and makeup.

Behind the grey door is actually my workout room! You might think that’s strange, but that’s okay… because it would have been totally-unused storage space back there if we didn’t put a mini home gym there! So, needless to say, I’m super happy about that even though it’s a little different. Maybe we’ll do a full blog post on the workout room in the future! Stay tuned for that.

I want to give a little shoutout to our contractor, David Nelson, who is just amazing… you can check out his website here!

So, there you go, friends! I hope you love getting a little behind-the-scenes of our home remodel! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram and Facebook for more updates coming up!!

If you haven’t already, check out this blog post HERE for details on the main basement living area and basement kitchen. We’ll have a full post with more details on the kitchen ready for you soon! Be sure to subscribe to my email list so you’re the first to find out about it!!

And where are my Pinterest lovers at?! Pin the graphic below to your bathroom board 🙂



Bright and Modern Bathroom Remodel with geometric tile, walk in shower, and bright cabinets

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