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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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The Lord reminded me of a note I have on my phone and that is to “claim your territory.” The bible talks a lot about territories. We usually think about this in the form of boundaries on our land, but there are spiritual territories as well! Now more than ever, you need to put a stake in the ground about what you stand for. God spoke the word into existence, and friend, there is power over our words! This thing that God put in your heart is yours, and you need to do it well! Friend, claim your territory.

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5 Things

  1. This is the season and the year to draw lines in the sand.
  2. This is the year to take a stake in the ground.
  3. Some of you are seeing gaps in your industry, but that might be the territory that God has for you.
  4. The process isn’t easy – claiming your territory will cost you.
  5. Pray the Prayer of Jabez

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