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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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The Instagram algorithm is allllwayyyyss changing! And until we create the next Instagram, we have to play but its rules. One of the best ways to increase your
visibility and get your dream customers to see your product or service is by using Instagram stories! So today I want to give you 5 strategies you can use to beat the algorithm with Instagram stories.

Hit the Highlights

(4:23) The best way to use Instagram stories to fix your engagement
(6:50) This Instagram hack will help get your content in front of your ideal customer
(10:23) What to actually post on your Instagram Stories
(12:28) Be careful about this when you are posting to your Instagram stories
(17:17) Get the mention app 

5 Ways To Beat the Algorithm With Instagram Stories

1. Create engaging stories. Use the question box, polls, and quizzes.

2. Use the new features on Instagram! Instagram rewards people by

3. Be consistent when posting Instagram stories.

4. Beware of censorship on stories.

5. Share and other people’s content and tag them in your stories.

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