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Do you want to get booked on other people’s podcasts? Being a podcast guest is a great way to grow your own authority, get new eyes on your product or service, and grow your network within your niche. My team and I get pitched all.the.time. for people to come on The Jennifer Allwood Show. But here is the thing. Most of the time, people are doing it ALL WRONG! So today, I’m giving you my secret formula for landing that guest podcast spot!

Hit the Highlights

(1:47) Why leveraging other people’s audience is a great way to grow your own platform.
(5:49) The correct way to pitch on other people’s podcasts.
(7:04) How to figure out which podcasts you should be a guest podcast on
(8:37) What to include in your podcast guest pitch email
(10:04) If you are going to use a podcasting service, use Interview Valet

3 Ways To Set Your Podcast Pitch Up for Success

1. Engage with their content long before you pitch to be on their show.

2. Actually listen to their podcast.

3. Send a casual, personalized DM and email

Grab my FREE podcast Guest Pitching Template!

Guest podcasting is an amazing way to grow your own following, but pitching to other shows can be difficult, uncomfortable, and—well— downright awkward if you don’t know how to do it. That’s why I wrote you this guide and email + DM swipe copy, so you can feel confident in your pitch.  Let’s go!

Listener Shoutout

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“Jennifer Allwood is not only uplifting and personable, but she is also wise. I have
learned so much by listening to her podcast, not online about the online
world, but about life itself. She is brutally honest but out of love. It’s my go-to
podcast when I need inspiration. It’s totally worth your time!”

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