Episode 165: Kidpreneur: Start, Run, and Grow Your Own Business with Noah and Easton Allwood

Using the online space for business isn’t just for adults. Teens can benefit greatly by using their passion to create and grow a business. Kids now are being raised in this tech-savvy world that makes it second nature to use for it for business. Almost a year and a half ago my boys, Noah and Easton, started a fun shoe flipping project that has turned into a legit, growing business. Today’s interview with my handsome boys goes through how teens can become their own boss, creating a business that works for them. Between family, church, school, sports, and other activities, many teens have learned to pivot to have a “job” and make money in a way that works with their schedule. Do you have a kidpreneur in your home?

Hit the Highlights

[2:40] Getting started
[6:40] Where to get your shoe supply
[8:05] Making profits
[9:20] Handling scams
[11:35] Get legit
[12:25] Growing your business
[14:00] Benefits of being your own kid boss
[15:45] Kid business ideas
[18:10] Starting a sneaker biz

Kid Jargon

  • Vapor Max – “bubbles around bottom part of shoe”
  • Yeasey’s – not easy, Kayne West’s brand
  • comp’d – bought
  • steal – good deal
  • Crep Protect – shoe cleaning


  • KCMOKicks – Noah and Easton’s shoe flipping account on Instragram

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