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traditional spindles on staircase

When we moved into the new house, there was literally nothing wrong with the spindles. They were very traditional, with an alternating basket and swirl style. But since we were trying to get the house away from traditional style and make it a little more modern, the more we updated our decor, the spindles were just kind of throwing it off.

spindles around upper level staircase

So, we went about the work of trying to find spindles that fit our modern style a bit better!

We landed on these square-style spindles… They were Jason’s favorite!! 

square and modern spindles with view of downstairs

We ended up giving ALL the old spindles to a lovely woman here in Kansas City because she wanted to use them for her home. So, we did repurpose them, which made us super happy! Check out this before and after view…

before and after photos of spindles

I love that our new spindles have clean lines and a little more interest than a plain spindle would. The color is a beautiful matte black and they just have completely changed the look and feel of the space.


square and modern spindles from upstairs view


We’re so happy with how they turned out. If you love the gold lighting above our stairs, you can get the details in my blog post HERE. Oh, and just for fun… Here’s a photo of my girls enjoying the new space 🙂

two daughters laying on stairs smiling

So, there you have it, my friends! Never forget that something as simple as your spindles can totally transform the look of your home… especially if you have an open floor plan and your staircase is very visible!

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I have a Pinterest graphic for you below if you want to save this blog post for later!

Blog post about redoing the spindles in our home!



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