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Favorite chair tragedy

By January 10, 201112 Comments

Last spring, we did a faux finishing job for a very generous client. I loved this chair that they were selling and her and her husband GAVE IT TO ME. Yes….gave it to me….

It is one of the prettiest things in my home.

Unfortunately… of the my budding artist children was using a permanent marker to draw me a picture. They didn’t realize permanent black marker can bleed thru paper and ruin crushed velvet. UGH!

I was sick to my stomach.

After posting my problem on my Magic Brush Facebook page (yes…you can find me on Facebook!)….I decided to try a Magic Eraser to get the stain out.

Then I noticed…..the guy on the Magic Eraser box looks an awful lot like the guy I go to bed with every night. Hmmmmm……

(And what a doll….he even sported one of my gold hoops for the picture just to be sure he looked like Mr. Clean! You rock honey!)

So I went to work. Fingers crossed. Silently praying.

And the marker definitely got lighter. But left this nasty ring around the spot I cleaned….

So…..back to dabbing with water. Then blowing and drying (with a very high tech dryer)….

And voila! It really IS magic…..I can’t even see the spot anymore!!!!!

Thank you for all of your Facebook suggestions. Thank you dear clients again for the chair. And thank you to my man….who is way cuter than Mr. Clean for posing for this post.

And son… more permanent markers please.


  • I love Magic eraser sponges. I never thought it would work on permanent marker on fabric though. So glad it did! {Great tip for future reference.}

  • Katie says:

    WOW, can’t believe that worked!! Such a pretty chair, too!

  • Unreal, what a great trick. I have to remember this one. Hugs, Marty

  • Tamra says:

    Ok your “Mr. Clean” rocks! you gotta love a man with a sense of humor.

  • Terri says:

    Wow, thanks for the tip…. My twin granddaughters got ahold of a Sharpie just before Christmas and wrote on their Pottery Barn Kids chairs that I had monogrammed for them the Christmas before last. Gonna have to tell their mom….

  • Nutbird says:

    Just a reminder – permanent markers should be hidden in the same place that you hide the matches. My kids left home ten years ago and I am still hiding the matches. I do let the Sharpies in with the regular pens now.

  • cami says:

    Very nice! The Magic eraser sponge never cease to amaze me! Your husband is a hoot!!!

  • cami says:

    I hope this is ok, but I added you as a link on my blog. I used your great idea of tissue paper on the ceiling as well as in my boxes on the wall. The ceiling looks great (I still need to take pictures) but the wall, ok. Love your ceiling.
    You have great ideas and you always make me laugh!

  • Evelyn says:

    I love Magic Erasers. I scrubbed my daughter’s badly stained white porcelain kitchen sink with it and it came out looking brand new..she was amazed. “Mom, she said, how did you get my sink so clean?!?!”
    I never have scuff marks on my painted walls..magic erasers make them disappear. It’s a little miracle sponge and what is it made of?

  • InesMrs.Venus says:


    I just found you at Erin´s blog and was curious, cause I love painting- but not professionel 🙂

    This chair is so beautiful- my daughter (my princess, too) says the same beside me…

    Many greetings-


  • Nice work!
    What a gorgeous chair!


  • Yay! It is amazing how those things can work wonders huh! I love the tide to go pen and use it on everything…including furniture! Glad you got your spot off…it is a beautiful chair!
    xxoo Ashley

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