Every holiday season, I watch the news reports about the results of the Black Friday sales and for the past few years the headlines have really stood out at me.

Headlines like “More shoppers opt for online sales than in stores”. I read articles, like this one from CNN Money, that are basically saying IN STORE sales lagged while the whole world went crazy online.

Each year online sales increases… In 2015, 14.3% more sales ONLINE on Thanksgiving, even while the stores were opening earlier and earlier.  People still shopped from the convenience of their home, from their computer, in their footsie pajamas. In 2016, the total number of online weekend shoppers GREW BY 5 MILLION EXTRA PEOPLE to make it about 108 MILLION online shoppers in total. In 2017, online sales grew 18.1% and Amazon had its biggest online holiday yet.

Let’s face it….. the new world we live in WANTS to order online. In 2015, (when I first wrote this article) Amazon.com sales were up 24% on Black Friday, while Best Buy’s site went down from such heavy traffic. I could go on and on about the amount of money being spend ONLINE.

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So how does that affect me and my fellow small business friends????  Well, if you are a creative entrepreneur and have anything to sell…. then you MUST have a website that people can buy on. Period.   If you want to make money while you sleep (which has been my goal for the last 2-3 years. ),  it just is not an option for you anymore.

Listen my painting friends, there are only so many clients you can paint for at any given time.

To my decorating friends, same thing.

To my creative entrepreneurs who are burned out on Etsy, who are tired of craft shows…. there is a better way.  You must get online.  You must get your own website. And once you get online, you actually have to get people to your site.  I can show you how.

In my Inner Circle group, we talk all about websites.  I have had my site for 10+ years and have made money off of it for almost 3.  For those of you who think you have nothing to sell….. yes you do.  You have KNOWLEDGE.  You have EXPERIENCE.  You just need help figuring out how to get that into “an online box” so that someone could buy online. You can sell your painted pieces online.  Sell your design expertise online.  Sell your tutorials for making jewelry online.  Sell your e-book online. There are just so many options!!!!

So join us.  Sign up is HERE.

If you need a website, join us.

If you have a website but it’s in serious need of some love, join us.

If you have no idea what I am talking about but want to make money for your family while you sleep, join us too.

For some of you, this will totally change the direction of your business.

If you have a website, but don’t know what to do next you need to get my FREE Creators Roadmap Workshop to learn how to make passive income from your site!

I have some other good resources to get you started in the online world:

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Note: I  updated this article in 2018. I saw a huge opportunity in online sales for creatives and selling their talents. I could only paint so much during the day and only take on so many painting projects at once. To get profitable, I started growing my business online. 

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