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Welcome to my Thanksgiving Tablescape Blog Hop with 12 gifted DIY bloggers and their creations! Below you’ll find my last-minute Thanksgiving table idea that is disposable!

Thanksgiving table decorations | Magic Brush


I know there are virtually NO MINUTES LEFT until the holidays.  But the good news is that these table ideas are quick, easy and 90% disposable when you are done eating on Thanksgiving day!  It LOOKS fancy, but you are able to pitch most of it! The reason I like disposable is because there is nothing worse than cooking for hours. Then eating for 20 minutes.  And then spending hours back in the kitchen cleaning up. Especially while everyone else is snoozing, shopping the ads or watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation…. a classic in our house.  THIS Thanksgiving table will help you to clean up quick so you can get to your family!!!!


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Thanksgiving table decorations | Magic Brush

I started with 3 logs from my neighbor’s woodpile.  Good neighbors let you steal their logs for blog posts (thank you Mike and Maureen.  You are the best!) The little chalkboard “necklaces” are from the $1 bin at Target.  (You could also use chalkboard tape or paint your own. I love to use Heirloom Tradition’s Black Bean chalk-type paint on all my black chalkboards. While you’re shopping Heirloom Traditions, be sure to get one of my favorite chalk paint brushes. It’s amazing for working with chalk paint and a good investment for your DIY adventures!


The candles on top are from a women’s event at my church last week.  The pumpkins are all leftover from my fall front porch decor.  The table runner is a burlap one from Hobby Lobby that I’ve had for years.  It’s sitting on top of a garage sale metallic runner, but I’ve also decorated it with a bed sheet and a huge fabric remnant before.  The point is, putting some sort of fabric down under your centerpiece.  You don’t have to go buy new.  Anything that is a fall color with some texture WORKS!


Thanksgiving table decorations | Magic Brush

I already had the silver chargers which are on the bottom. The copper plate is a PAPER PLATE from Hobby Lobby. I love these paper plates because they are gorgeous, but will totally be thrown away!!!  On top of that is a leaf shaped salad bowl from the Dollar Store.  I joked on my Periscope today that I would prefer to fill that leaf bowl with mashed potatoes and corn instead of salad Ha! All the Iowa girls are in total agreement. #keepingitreal


Thanksgiving table decorations | Magic Brush

I used a knife to slit the pumpkin stem to hold a place setting name card (also from Hobby Lobby).  Everyone feels fancier with name cards and it prevents your crazy uncle from being sat next to your cousin’s new girlfriend.  #family #hotmess

The “cutlery” (I love using big words in a sentence) is shiny silver, but plastic.  I wrapped it up in a paper napkin with twine and a cinnamon stick.  So fast and easy and it all gets thrown out…. nothing to clean!!!



Thanksgiving table decorations | Magic Brush

I used a roll of craft paper (Home Depot) for the “tablecloth” and left the guests an area to write out what they are thankful for, an idea I first saw on Cottage In the Oaks.  Look at her thankful list.  She has way prettier handwriting than I. Ha!

The cups are also disposable. I just wrapped twine around one and a ribbon around the other.  Easy breezy.  And throwaway!!!!!


Thanksgiving table decorations | Magic Brush

I took the table setting on Fox 4 News this morning. You can watch the video HERE.  My favorite newscaster Kim Byrnes calls me “brilliant”.  I say I am lazy….. LOL.  And……… we almost went down a rabbit hole with the whole “these are your bed sheets?” question.  Lord have mercy!

I hope this will give you some ideas for your own Thanksgiving table this year.  Don’t make it so hard on yourself.  You can quickly throw something together for little money and little clean up.

That also brings me to a Facebook post I did this week.  Clearly it hit home with many people since it was shared over 500 times, so I thought I would repost it here as an encouragement to you as well:


“I know some of you are already starting to stress out about the Thanksgiving holiday. You’re worried about spending all that time with your family. Or not having family around. Or not having a big enough house or the right food or enough money to host or whatever. I would like to encourage you tonight to just CHANGE YOUR MIND. There is nothing you can do to change how your brother-in-law behaves. There’s no way you can have your house totally redecorated by Thursday. Most of us are probably not going to win the lottery this week either.  Your Thanksgiving is gonna be what it’s gonna be and you can decide IN ADVANCE how you’re going to react to it. Decide to invite people anyway. Decide to love difficult people anyway. Decide to host even tho’ you think your house is too small (they are just coming for the turkey anyway!) Decide NOW to approach the holidays different this year. You are letting alllllllllll this anxiety steal your peace. Just stop sweet one. Change your mind. If you can change your mind, you can change your life! XO, Jennifer “

I hope that blesses someone today!

I also want to wish you ALL a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!  You are among the things I am grateful for….. my readers, my social media fans, my online friends.  You share, you pin, you tell people, you are the best and I am grateful for every one of you!

Bless YOU!!!


For more chalkboard paint ideas — check out my lovely chalkboard painted home decor items slide show!  I also have an easy DIY Thanksgiving Burlap banner you can make for your mantel!


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Thanksgiving Tablescape Blog Hop

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Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas | Magic Brush

Easy Thanksgiving table decorations | Magic Brush


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