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Today I’m telling you a funny story about a whole couch saga! BUT, there are actually several business lessons that came from an experience I had buying a couch off Facebook marketplace. I shared about it on Instagram and people were so invested that I decided to bring it to you as a podcast episode! I hope you enjoy this wild story and learn how not to do business!

Hit the Highlights

[2:32] I found a couch. Here’s the story!
[3:35] The sofa of my dreams for boujee in the dessert
[4:22] Here’s where things get crazy
[4:45] What I learned from the sofa saga
[6:14] Give your customers a visual, but not a chaotic one
[7:57] Make it an easy process
[9:06] Do not manipulate people
[10:33] Make it easy for people to give you money
[12:58] Communicate with your customers

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