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Business overwhelm is real, friends. Many of you may be in seasons of your life where the overwhelm is just all meshing together. Often, it can be used as a blanket statement, when in fact, overwhelm means different things to different people. On today’s podcast, I want to give you some concrete tangible things to reduce overwhelm so you can keep moving forward.

Hit the Highlights 

(04:42) Being overwhelmed is just a story we tell ourselves
(06:30) Watch your words and thoughts
(08:30) Do these things when you’re feeling overwhelmed
(12:05) Recognize how you operate
(13:12) This is the best tip ever for overwhelm

Podcast Review: “Love The Podcast!”
Listener: Tanya from MN 

“Such a refreshing and no-nonsense source of inspiration. Jennifer balances truth and the TRUTH so well! I love to listen to such a driven daughter of the King”

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