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I rarely ever talk about selling on Etsy!! But, here I am, talking about selling on Etsy. Friend, I am not against Etsy, I’m just PRO not keeping your eggs all in one basket. Join me today as I talk with certified Etsy educator, Lauren Kilgore. She is in my Next Level Mastermind and is the owner of  Beautiful Mesh and she is in the top .1% of all shops on Etsy. We’re going to talk about Etsy’s best practices, what to do and not to do and who Etsy is even for! Join me for a great conversation today!

Hit the Highlights

[03:30] How Lauren got started on Etsy
[05:00] Why I’m eating my words!
[07:00] Why you should have another place to sell with Etsy
[08:30] A big mistake many Etsy sellers make
[09:38] 3 Things you can do right now to maximize your Etsy site
[11:45] Who is Etsy good for and not good for?

About Lauren Kilgore

Lauren Kilgore is an accountant turned wreath maker turned Etsy expert. As a certified Etsy U instructor, she helps creatives to open and market their Etsy shops through SEO and social media. She has an active shop on Etsy (BeautifulMesh) selling wreaths and other home decor that is in the top 0.1% of all shops on Etsy. She teaches creatives in all industries because the principles of selling on Etsy are the same no matter what you sell! You can find more info about her and her classes on her website

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