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You are not what you do. Your worth is not tied to the success of your business, friend. It’s not.  You don’t “just” do anything. You are so worthy and so loved outside of any title you might have…wife, mother, friend, business owner. Your worth is not different in Heaven because you made a million dollars! The truth is, we are called more valuable than the sparrow..than a Ruby! You are blessed and highly favored and your worth is not tied to the success of what you do. Let me encourage you today!

Hit the Highlights

[03:20] What I hear women saying about their worth
[05:05] Potential for progress
[06:45] Separate what we ‘do’ and who we ‘are’ in Christ
[08:35] You are not what you do

“I do not miss an episode! Helps me focus for the week and set my perspective on the real reason I started my business!”

Listener: Michele Yar66Podcast Review: “On Fire!”
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