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Today I’m giving you my Black Friday predictions and giving you advice on what you need to do to prepare for Black Friday as a small business owner. This year, EVERYTHING is going to be different for the shopping season. A lot of businesses will be closed for in-person shopping and will move everything online. So as a small business owner, how can you compete with the big stores and prep your own business for maximum Black Friday sales? Let’s get into it!

Hit the Highlights

(4:45) These major stores are closing their doors on Thanksgiving.
(6:31) Why you need to focus on the online space.
(8:08) If you are a brick and mortar, pay attention to this!
(9:40) When you should start your Black Friday strategy.
(12:33) Why you should strongly consider delivery this year.
(14:30) What’s your online strategy?
(16:00) Could mailers be back?

Your Black Friday Strategy

  • Start your sales early to make sure your product is seen
  • Consider curbside pickup or delivery for your product
  • BOPIS: Buy online and pick up in-store
  • Make sure your shipping is in order
  • Create a plan for Facebook ads
  • Make a mailer with a QR code
  • Warm-up your email list now

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My Thoughts On Etsy

Why You Should Not Rely Solely on Etsy to Sell Your Goods:

Why You Should Not Rely Solely on Etsy to Sell Your Goods Part 2:


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