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This week in my Inner Circle call, I had two different women talk about how they are afraid to take action. I’m calling this FOR: “the fear of the restart!” One woman said she is nervous to throw her first in-person painting party since COVID,

another said she has lost her confidence since it’s been so long since she’s done anything in her business because of COVID. Perhaps you find yourself in the same position, you know something has been on pause that you need to restart. So today I’m giving three ways to help you get restarted when you feel stuck.

How to Restart

  1. The confidence will come after you get back in the habit of doing the thing. For now, rely on courage.
  2.  By not making a decision, you’ve made your decision.
  3. Remember why you do what you do.
  4. God has a plan and there’s always always a time component.
  5. Do we actually trust God?

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