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I am not sure there has ever been a time when being flexible and making pivots has been more important than right now. In order to sustain through these unsettling times and any other craziness that is to come, you will need to look past the way you have always done things. Instead, find a new way, go a new direction. I want to give you some encouragement and inspiration as I share LOTS of ideas for all kinds of industries!

Hit the Highlights

  • [3:32] What to post and how to use social media when things are crazy
  • [6:15] Key to not looking like you are tone-deaf when posting on social
  • [8:17] Why you should NOT stop sharing
  • [10:50] Ideas for Different Industries—everything from decorators to teachers to hairdressers
  • [24:00] We’ve got this!

Important Links

  • There might never be a time when you need to read about not letting fear be the boss of you than right now. Go to to order your copy today!

Listener Highlight

Thank you Stacy for your kind words. I pray a blessing on you and your business!

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