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“What’s your Number?” The Enneagram is such a trending topic, and I have to admit a year ago I had no idea what it even was! So I brought Enneagram expert Chris Heuertz on board to talk about this personality test and what your “number” type means as far as your traits and tendencies go. Knowing your number helps with your understanding of yourself, your relationships and your business!! It’s kind of fun but I’ll be honest, when I first took the Enneagram test I DID NOT like my number. Not at all. Chris will go through and explain all about the different numbers, the background, and how to be the best you .. plus he has a cool story about meeting Mother Teresa!

My Guest: Chris Heuertz

On Instagram @chrisheuertz
On Twitter @ChrisHeuertz 
His Websites: and
His Book: The Sacred Enneagram

Show Notes

  • Learn more about the Ennegram types here at the Enneagram Institute

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