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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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I truly believe that God can use a creative biz owner’s craft as her catalyst. He did it in my own business coaching and He recently did this for my friend and fellow creative business owner Tracey Bellion. In this episode, Tracey is sharing her story of how she was able to make a big shift in her furniture painting business during a major health crisis. Tracey found a way to continue doing what she loves, but work in a completely different manner. She rolled with the punches and she showed up and served her “social media family”. Tracey did a lot of things right that I teach in my Inner Circle coaching group! I know you’ll find her story very encouraging and inspiring and most importantly her story will totally help you get through your life’s and business’ challenges

My Guest

Tracey Bellion

San Antonio, Texas
Instagram: @traceysfancy
Facebook: @traceysfancy
Tracey’s Healthy Lifestyle “the Best You” Group:


The Booth Conference, Jan 23-24, 2019 in Memphis, Tennessee. More Info on Facebook: @boothcon

Show Notes

  • See the Wood Plank Wall Tracey created for my son’s bedroom here.
  • Listen to Episode 71 Why I don’t like Free Facebook Groups here
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One Comment

  • Tina Gonnerman says:

    This touched my heart. Few tears as I listened to your story. The health aspect and business aspect. Taking a step back to know what God wants and that it’s ok to changed your direction to take better care if yourself, family and restructure your business.
    So thank you both for being a blessing in my life! 😘

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