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Many creative business owners think they are beating the Facebook algorithm by offering a free facebook group as part of their sales funnel. Well, I don’t like free Facebook groups. I know this is a personal opinion and it’s what works for me and my business. I encourage you to listen to my 8 reasons for not using free groups before you invest  any more time or start one as part of your marketing funnel. I also share two reasons when I do think free Facebook groups are appropriate!!! Listen in … there’s a lot to learn in this episode!

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  • Kimberly says:

    Fine me on Facebook should say find me.

  • Just found you after listening to your interview with Amy P. This podcast was helpful for me- just starting my online business and you make valid points as to why not to do free Facebook groups. It helps to not have to completely find these things out on my own by testing them and making huge mistakes that cause setbacks. Thanks so much and look forward to listening to more of your podcasts

  • Aili Jones says:

    This is so awesome! You make my day😊 I never did podcasts before, or in general now, but you have me hooked.

  • I have a page and a group. I share my IG content to my page and then share that same content to my facebook group, yet they are supposed to be my VIP’s so shouldn’t they see it first… ??? Very few are on my email list, even though I let them know on a routine basis to sign up. Many are drift overs from my page and only show up when I have a giveaway. I became disenchanted with giveaways a long time ago when I realized that those entering were never going to be my customers…. and now they make up the majority of my VIP group.
    I started the group under the teaching of my Etsy coach, the purpose of the group is to sell to them at special membership prices prior to launching products to the public. It is a lot of work maintaining both a page and a group, more often than not one or both get missed while I run and hide from exhaustion of trying to do it all.
    According to my coach, these fans will become “fanatical”, and start posting on their own and filling the group with content that is related to what it is I sell. Still waiting for that magic to happen.
    It has been a long stressful year trying to keep up both and pretending to be someone I am not… I want to ditch the group and go back to how it was, but not quite sure how to go about doing so. :\

  • Hi Jennifer, thank you for this content. After Mike Z announcement I did hit the panic button and open a free group in addition to my open group. Facebook was updating at an unusual pace and frankly I panicked. It has only been a few months. How do I close this group in a professional manner. It has about 250 people I’d rather do it now before it gets bigger. Thank you so much.

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