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Thought I would show you a pretty dining room that we faux finished for the Spring Parade of Homes a few weeks ago. It’s in a neighborhood called “The Highlands at Weatherby” here in Kansas City and was built by Distinctive Homes by J & K.

We first textured the entire room. Then we textured the niche of this room with a damask stencil that I love, love. (Remember in this post how I told you stenciling has come A LONG WAY…..). Here is a closeup:

After all the texturing and stenciling…. Joy and Jeri went on to glazing the walls with 2 colors. I loved the combination of a warm, gold glaze with the cooler, gray/blue shade. The colors really picked up the colors from the entryway tile (which you can’t see… but trust me).

**** Notice the yellow painter’s tape hanging from the chandelier in this photo below. REASON: all dining room chandeliers seem to be hung up at about our perfect head height. Every girl on my team, including myself, has a few dents in her skull from bumping into one of these lights! UGH! Ouch! So, if we hang tape from it…. on occasion we will save ourselves some shedding of blood.

After the glaze was done…. the builder had us nail up strands of upholstery tacks around the niche to highlight the stenciled area. I think it is lovely. If you click on the photos, they should enlarge so you can see them better.

I think this finish really works for me because of the great color combo and I also love the combination of the delicate damask pattern with the more masculine feel of the upholstery tacks.

What say you friends?

Have a blessed and safe Memorial weekend.



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