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We recently had new Silestone countertops installed in our kitchen and I am so excited to show them to you all! We waited a long, long time for these and I am thrilled with how our kitchen remodel is coming along!  We lowered our kitchen bar as well and I’m obsessed!


silestone kitchen counter

First, let me show you a picture of the new space with our Silestone countertops.  It is so much lighter and brighter than how it looked a few months ago with the dark formica counters.



raised silestone kitchen counter bar

See. That chocolate formica was fine with my old cream cabinets, but ever since we painted the cabinets gray (you can read all about that process HERE) , the countertops were kind of a buzz kill.



silestone kitchen countertop choices

We started our process of selecting new countertops at Profile Cabinet and Design in Kansas City.  I met them at the Greater Kansas City Home Show last year and was totally impressed with their work!  I told them I wanted a LIGHT colored counter with LOW maintenance. And then I came home with these 4 samples.  I always tend to gravitate towards the fancier and away from the “cleaner” look, so it was obvious to me which one I loved right away…. the one with the movement! HELIX SILESTONE!



removing kitchen bar ledge for silestone kitchen counter

We decided to tear out the raised bar area in our kitchen.  I was nervous about the decision, but I know the trend is really lowing the bar and I really wanted the space to feel more open visually.



countertop template for silestone kitchen counter

As a total sidenote: I have decided that if I don’t make it as a painter that I would totally enjoy templating countertops for a living.  Seriously.  It’s like putting together a life-size puzzle. I’m fascinated with the process. We made the corners of the bar overhand a little rounder than they were previously  so that again, the overall look would be softer.



overhang support for kitchen silestone countertops

When we decided to lower the bar, it made for a deeper overhang in the bar area. Well, that overhang was right on the edge of needing support or not. And because I know I have crazy kids who swing from chandeliers, we opted to put in support bars.  I just feel better with them under my prized Silestone countertops.




kitchen silestone countertop

And here is how it looks.   Our shorter bar in all it’s glory.




lowered kitchen Silestone countertops

My kids even love it.  And that’s saying something.


lowered kitchen Silestone countertops

I pinkie swear that they have sat at the lower bar more in the few weeks we’ve had the new Silestone countertops than they did the entire 12 years prior combined. Seriously.  The lower bar just feels so much….. “homier”. Is that a word?  Our friends agree as well…. the lower bar counter just seems more inviting to sit at.




cutting off barstool for kitchen Silestone countertops

We did have to cut off our stools to fit. They were too tall with the new lower counters. I literally had a handyman who helps me with some projects saw them off in the garage. Done!  The stools are from TJ Maxx .



kohler apron sink with kitchen Silestone countertops

The Silestone countertops are a man-made quartz and supposed to be extremely durable.  Again, crazy kids … so we need durable. Silestone doesn’t need sealed regularly like a lot of the other countertops and I don’t have to worry about things like spaghetti sauce and red wine staining it. #winning



Helix Silestone countertops

We went with the color “Helix” for our Silestone countertops at the suggestion of Profile Cabinet and Design and it’s perfect with our gray cabinets.

(on a total side note, I keep getting so many questions about my vintage farmhouse clock that I’ll attach my affiliate link for it HERE. Cutest banana holder ever!)



helix silestone countertops

Isn’t that gorg???????????  And on a side note, I’m obsessed with my canisters too. You can find them on occasion on my affiliate link for Antique Farmhouse HERE.



helix Silestone countertops

And here is another view of our Silestone countertops.  I did a little Facebook video talking about the changes in my kitchen that you can watch HERE. I’m wearing my new favorite shirt in the video so, bonus.

Next week I will be blogging all about the “arabesque tile” that we went with and my pot filler behind the stove. (The kitchen backsplash post is HERE.) Be sure to sign up for my emails HERE if you don’t already get them so you get the details sent right to your inbox.

And, if you loved my Silestone countertops, you can pin any of these photos to your Pinterest to look back on later!

Peace and chicken grease,


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