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Are you falling for chevron furniture? 
Painted Chevron Furniture | Magic Brush

I have kind of balked at the recent “chevron craze”. It seemed so Charlie Brown-ish.
But after listening to my faithful clients…..I tried painting my first chevron design on a piece of furniture.

Let me first say, I consider myself a math LOVER.   In 6th grade, when other girls were dancing and in the drama club…. I was on a math team with 3 boys!  Ha!  I am a math geek at heart.

But this chevron taping….it is NOT for the faint of heart.  It confused even me!

(This post contains affiliate links for products I use and love. Any purchases help support my blog and DIY furniture painting projects! Thank you!)

Painted Chevron Furniture | Magic Brush

You can find many chevron furniture instructions  on Pinterest for taping.  But it was like reading Japanese to me.  Ug!  So, eventually the “creative side” of my brain took over the “math side” of my brain and I just “wung it”. LOL!
Here it  how I felt about chevron…… most of the pieces I have seen have been too bright for me. With too crisp of a color palette.  And often on very sleek-lined furniture pieces.  The chevron furniture is gorgeous, but I just cannot picture it in my home.

So, I decided to do my chevron lightly distressed and on a warm cream base color like Heirloom Tradition’s French Vanilla chalk-type paint. ( While you’re shopping, grab my favorite chalk-type paint brush. It’ll make your painting job easier!)
It has the original hardware still on the piece…….

Painted Chevron Furniture | Magic Brush

And it has these great little metal wheels.

Painted Chevron Furniture | Magic Brush

It “goes” in my house and with my decor.  And hopefully…..many of my clients’ homes as well.

Painted Chevron Furniture | Magic Brush

Time will tell. 

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