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I have painted approximately 538 things in our home in chalkboard paint!

Yes, I have painted these chalkboards and this huge, ginormous chalkboard in our hallway…. but I have also used chalkboard paint on several other things that you might not expect.

My instructions are always the same. I sand and clean what I am painting. Then I usually apply a gray primer if I am worried about slick surfaces.  And I use Heirloom Tradition’s Black Bean chalk-type paint on all my black chalkboards.


chalkboard paint ideas crockpot | the magic brush

Let’s start with some crazy stuff! This is just one of the chalkboard items I took to my Home Show speaking event I spoke on stage right before Chip and Joanna Gaines.  That in itself makes it a prized project. lol.



Yes, I am cheesing pretty heavily!


chalkboard paint ideas charger plate | the magic brush

You can use chalkboard paint on dishes and trays.


chalkboard paint ideas globe | the magic brush

You can put it on globes like this one. And….. colored chalk markers like these are always fun to use on chalkboard projects.

chalkboard paint ideas herb garden markers | the magic brush

You can use chalkboard paint as garden markers. And…. you can buy chalkboard TAPE like shown on this box. SO EASY.

chalkboard paint ideas lunch box | the magic brush

You can use it on the inside of lunch boxes.

chalkboard paint ideas flower pots | the magic brush

And on planter pots.

chalkboard paint ideas wine bottles | the magic brush

It sticks to wine bottles….

chalkboard paint ideas wine glasses | the magic brush

And wine glasses!!! Lol.

Keep in mind before ever writing on your chalkboards that you should “season” them. If you are unsure what that is, watch this video on my Facebook page.

That “seasoning” will prevent the first words you are putting on the chalkboard to always be “shadowed” on the chalkboard. And keep in mind, chalk MARKERS are much harder to get off than chalk writing is. Sometimes, total disclosure… it’s easier to paint OVER the chalk markers than try to scrub it off!

Again, I use Heirloom Tradition’s Black Bean chalk-type paint on all my black chalkboards. Keep in mind you can use it on chalkboards and then turn around and paint a piece of furniture like this one with the same black chalkboard paint!  See, it’s 2 for 1!!!

I would also love for you to check out my Pinterest board dedicated to all things chalkboard painted!!!

If this inspires you to start painting everything within grabbing distance, you may also want to check out my  FREE video on my favorite wall paint colors! This FREE paint color advice will help you make color decisions in your home.

Happy Painting,


For more chalkboard paints ideas, check out my chalkboard slide show!



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       chalkboard paint ideas | the magic brush     chalkboard paint ideas | the magic brush

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