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word stencil joy sign

Did you see the fun JOY sign I made for our front steps for the Christmas season?  I am trying to control myself to not put it up before Thanksgiving!  I love it so much!



I was totally inspired by this Joy Sign photo that I found on a blog years and years ago and saved to my hard drive’s inspiration file way before Pinterest was an option. If you know who the original maker is, I’d love to give them credit!





I started with a scrap piece of wood that was given to me.





I dry brushed red paint over it …not trying to get it into the wood….just trying to get color on the top of the wood.





I used one of my favvvvvvorite REDS….”Heartthrob” from Sherwin Williams!  FYI: flat paint will look most “vintage”.




And the board looked like this.




Within a few hours, before the paint had time to really harden, I sanded the board and used a stiff bristle brush to chisel back the red paint to look distressed. TIP:  If you use the brush to go opposite of the wood grain….cool distressing happens!  That’s the kind of thing that gets my heart rate going!




Then, I had already ordered a Joy Sign stencil from The Mad Stencilist.  They are my go to for alllllllll of my wood stencils.  Tell Hugh I sent you.  They do amazing work!






So I dry brushed a flat white primer over the lettering.  You can watch me do it for this Joy Sign on the video below or HERE.





After the primer dried, I used some glitter than I got from Kathy Carroll’s Chicago School of Faux Finishing and it’s just enough glitter….the words dance in the sunlight!




No, I am not leaving it out here with my fall decor, but I just wanted to see how it is going to look.  And I LOOOOOOOOVE it!

The challenge in this joy sign project is finding the barnwood.  If you find some, you are golden.  Get the stencil and  your life will be so much easier!!!!


Wishing you JOY as you begin your Christmas decorating!


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