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You may have seen pics on my Facebook page that we have been working on redoing our son Easton’s bedroom. Easton just turned 13 and at almost 6 foot tall, apparently he needed something larger than his twin bed. Growing boys… does it ever stop??

Boys Bedroom Furniture | Magic Brush

So I got in touch with Nebraska Furniture Mart who has a huge, gorgeous store here in Kansas City. We worked with NFM on our stair carpet project HERE and our hardwood floor project HERE last fall. They are one of my favorite companies to partner with and their merchandise never disappoints!!!

Boys Bedroom Furniture | Magic Brush

Easton and I scoured over their website and THIS bedroom set is the one that he instantly said “THAT ONE!” too. I think he likes it because it’s rugged looking yet a bit industrial at the same time with the cool hardware. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available but we found a similar option for you HERE!

Boys Bedroom Furniture | Magic Brush

My favorite piece in the set is the huge dresser! The top 2 drawers are skinny drawers that he keeps watches, metals and boy stuff in.

Boys Bedroom Furniture | Magic Brush

And yes, that IS a mini -fridge on top of the nightstand. He likes to store a water bottle and an occasional KitKat in there. Lol. 

Easton will tell you that the nightstand is HIS favorite piece of the new set.

Boys Bedroom Furniture | Magic Brush

And this is why.

No judging of our parenting skills. This is a leftover stash from his birthday party!

Boys Bedroom Furniture | Magic Brush

We got this new mattress and box springs for Easton as well. I know mattresses don’t seem like a sexy topic, but he will have this mattress for a long time and as a growing boy and an athlete, it’s important to us that he has a GOOD mattress. 

And all 3 of our kids agree that his new mattress is the most comfortable in the house. They’ve been having sleep overs in here together.

Boys Bedroom Furniture | Magic Brush

And wrestling matches.

Every mom of multiple boys get this pic.  This is my life on boys.

Boys Bedroom Furniture | Magic Brush

And I am telling you, with his NEW WOOD WALL, the bedroom furniture just

Boys Bedroom Furniture | Magic Brush

To make it easy on you, I have listed some affiliate links for products in the room for your convenience:

  • The bedroom set from Nebraska Furniture Mart is found HERE.
  • Bedding is super inexpensive HERE
  • Curtains you can order HERE.
  • Over-sized beanbag is HERE. These are great for sleepovers….we’ve had many kids sleep in it already!
  • Lights above the bed are HERE. These are ridiculously cheap but they look sooooooo expensive!
  • Pillows that look like a sweater material are HERE
  • Hanging shelves were on clearance at Hobby Lobby and nearly gone. You can find similar ones online HERE and HERE.
  • Euro sham pillow cases are HERE.
  • Not the same mini frig but another one he liked is HERE.
  • Ceiling fan is from Lowe’s. 

And if you want to see a super awkward video between my introverted son and I (and in case you missed THIS VIDEO, I am ALSO an introvert), you can watch us talk about his room on this LIVE video.

There are a few more projects we did: We updated their bathroom and built these galvanized steel hooks in his room which you can see HERE.

DIY Wall Hooks | Galvanized Steel Hooks | Magic Brush

You can also tour Noah’s room – it’s completely baseball themed – with curtains, mural, bedding and even lockers! Check it out HERE

I hope you’ve enjoyed the details of Easton’s room.

The furniture in this post was graciously provided to us by Nebraska Furniture Mart but all opinions in this post are my own. And we are regular shoppers at NFM!!!


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