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The other day I was literally arguing with someone I know because they think that I am a EXTROVERT.

And I KNOW for certain, without a doubt….. that I am an INTROVERT.

Listen, just because I have 450k social media followers and you see me doing tons of LIVE videos on my Facebook business page doesn’t mean that I am an extrovert. Quite the contrary!

A few weeks ago I showed you all this photo on my Facebook page:

And here is what I put on my Facebook page:

This has been me for the last two hours. Laying flat on my back on the sofa. Speaking to no one!!!!!! Bliss. After my Facebook LIVE getting my makeup done this morning and then 2 hours of filming a video about my business, I was plum spent. Too much talkie. 

Many of you may mistake me for an extrovert. It could not be farther from the truth! I learned several years ago that I am “extroverted introvert“. It basically means I’m a total introvert that can have a big, outgoing personality when necessary or wanted. But I need LOTS of recovery time from talking and from people.

Many of you may have the same personality. You are super choosy of who you spend time with. You often feel drained after spending time with other people for too long. You might need several hours of recovery after being social or “on” for a while. You have a handful of friends and they are lifelong. You would prefer to stay in bed in your jammies reading than going out.

Years ago I often wondered what was wrong with me that everyone else wanted to go out and I wanted to stay in? Why can my husband be the life of the party all night long and I want to just sit in the corner and talk to one person about the meaning of life? LOL. Extroverted introverts….. we would rather shoot ourselves in the foot then have to make silly, small talk with people we don’t even know very well. GIVE US DEPTH!!!!

Any of that sound familiar? I have found the more that I understand about my personality, the more grace I have for myself and perhaps this may help you as well.

Extroverted introverts…… unite!!!!”

Well that little Facebook post went wild and had almost 1,000 comments in just a few hours.

I knew I had struck a  cord with a lot of women….especially creative women who are CRAVING TO MAKE SENSE OF THEMSELVES.

So I did the Facebook LIVE video below to help people determine if you are an introvert or an extrovert. Or perhaps like me and an “extroverted-introvert/ ambivert”. It’s a fascinating thing really when you finally “get” yourself and quit trying to change to become more “normal”.

I have done a ton of reading and studying extrovert vs introverts in the last few years and I think this video will help you immensely. Help you not only to “get” yourself, but also those people around you.  Check it out here:


If you want to skip to some of the highlights, go to:

  1.  4:37 to start the quiz of “12 ways to determine if you are an introvert or extrovert”
  2.  18:36 to get some tips on being an introverted woman married to an extroverted man (yikes! This is my life!)
  3.  22:15 to hear some examples of famous introverted leaders
  4.  23:12 to get all the reasons introverts make GREAT business owners

Listen my introverted friends, you do not need fixed.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You can be an introvert and completely successful in life and business. You just gotta know how to do ample self-care.

Educate yourself. Read books. Read articles. Listen to podcasts. Give yourself some slack and realize that if you are an introverted business owner like myself, God gave you all you need to be successful. Work within your strengths.

And if you need help determining what that looks like, I coach 130 women every month on how to run their creative businesses to be successful and more profitable online. We would love it if you joined us by going HERE

And to you introvert business owners, you can hide in my group while still learning a ton. LOL.  Join us!

And to the rest of you, please share this post. There are sooooooooooooo many women out there who feel alone and weird. 



(if you want to read some great resources on introverts, check out this article and this one for starters. I have not read THIS BOOK, but I have heard the author on this podcast and she was amazing!)


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