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unique container ideas II

I did another local tv segment last week on “creative container ideas” for spring!  Let me just say that I am NOT a horticulturist. In fact, I’m almost CERTAIN that I have a black thumb, but I do LOVE creative ways to pot flowers. As I said on the program, if your flowers are in cute pots, people notice it LESS when they are dying.  Well maybe they don’t, but it makes me feel better to think it.

I showed 10 ideas of ways to plant flowers besides your traditional planters!


unique container idea

This is how my assistant Vicki plants her succulents.  Is that adorable or what?  And like I said on the tv program, if you use the word “succulents” in a sentence, people assume you are smart.  Try it.  And report back.

unique container planting teapot

You can also plant succulents in fun things like tea pots.  And then sign the nursery rhyme “I’m a Little Teapot” as you wait to go on live tv…. in your sparkly house shoes.  Wow.



unique container ideas on tv

If you have a dresser with a bum drawer…. use IT to plant flowers in (line the drawer so it won’t rot).  Also, please notice the change of shoes….. lol.  Much better.


unique container idea dresser drawer

In addition to using a dresser, you can also just use a dresser DRAWER as a planter.  You can find drawers like these so easily at vintage stores!


unique container idea old tonka truck

Speaking of vintage, is this adorable or what?  It’s an old Tonka truck that I used as a planter.  I first saw the idea on House of Hawthornes, but have since seen it a jillion times since on Pinterest. It’s adorable.



unique container planter cowboy book

You can use an old cowboy boot (or in this case, my FAVORITE cowboy boot that I still wear)…. just put a pot down in it, don’t fill it with dirt.  😉


unique container toolbox

And an old toolbox makes a great planter also.  Gosh those flowers BARELY made it thru this programming.  I needed to keep them alive for 6 days.  6 days was all!!!!!  And you can see I BARRRRRRRRRRRRRELY made it.  They look a little whimpy.



unique container ideas III

Speaking of whimpy….. live television, outside, in Kansas City, in the springtime is not for the faint of heart.  It was a little cold. And wet.  But I loved it!  Fox 4 is always so lovely!


unique planter chair

A tried and true planter idea is an old, seat-less chair.  So easy.  You can find seat-less chairs about anywhere!  Spray paint and you’re done.


creative planting ideas coal bucket

I recently purchased a coal bucket at a thrift store.  Great planter!  I think Magnolia Mom would approve.


creative container suitcase


And last but not least, my mom’s old make up case.  It’s vintage and adorable with flowers in it!

So there you go!  If you want to watch the tv episode you can do that by clicking here . Notice they do a close-up of my new shoes.  God bless ’em!

And if you want to see other ideas I may have, I’d love for you to follow me on Pinterest by going HERE!

And please, pin the pictures above! xoxo

Happy spring!




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